Leaving so soon? Here are the things you need in order to travel outside the United States.

I-20 Signature

First things first, you’ll need a signature on the third page of your I-20. It only has to be signed once per year, not each time you travel. Currently, four people can sign this for you.

Katie Clair, International Student Advisor

Your fearless leader.

Dr. Ann Reuman, Senior Associate Dean of Students

Your friend in the Dean of Students Office.

This is what a signed I-20 looks like.

Valid Passport and Visa

  • Your passport should be valid for at least¬†six months into the future.
  • Everyone but Canadian/Bermudan citizens should have an F-1 or J-1 visa in their passport.
    • Please make sure that you have not used up your number of entries – 1, 2 or multiple.
    • If your visa expires while you are in the U.S., the next time you travel abroad you must obtain a new visa to be readmitted into the U.S.
      • Expired visas do not mean you have to leave the U.S. They simply mean you must renew the visa if you leave and want to come back.

Proof of financial support

Bring a bank statement or financial aid documentation no more than six months old. You’ll need this especially if you are applying to renew your visa.

Additional documents you might travel with

  • Official transcripts from Trinity to show your full-time status
  • A letter verifying that you attend Trinity College. Request this from OISS.
  • Proof of course registration for the upcoming semester (shows the purpose of your return to the U.S.). You can print out your registration on TCOnline or request an official letter from the Registrar.