In 2020, Henry Mallari-D’Auria ’83, a member of Trinity’s Board of Trustees and co-chair of the All In campaign, made a generous commitment that has expanded the College’s ability to recruit the best students. The Henry Mallari-D’Auria ’83 Scholarship, a permanent endowment at the College, is funded with that 2020 gift of $5 million.

Four years later, Mallari-D’Auria has chosen to lead again. In fact, he has re-upped in a significant way, committing an additional $5 million to be focused on three key priorities. First, he will add to the Mallari-D’Auria Scholarship, furthering Trinity’s ability to admit top students. Second, he will help Trinity become more competitive over the next five years by growing its Reunion giving program through the Trinity College Fund. Third, he has provided for Trinity in the future by putting an additional bequest provision in his estate plan.

In November, Trinity alumni Henry Mallari-D’Auria ’83, John Hamblett ’84 P’15, and Tim Yates ’94 show off their Trinity color ties at the “All In” fundraising campaign public phase kick off at Gotham Hall in Manhattan, NY.

“I have had the privilege to serve with others as a trustee in the last four years, which has given me the opportunity to see Trinity close-up. With that closer look, my conviction has only grown that Trinity and its students are richly deserving of our support. Because tuition does not cover the full cost of education, every one of us as students benefited from the gifts made by our predecessors. Now, as members of Trinity’s alumni community, it is our turn. If we can, we should all pay it forward.”

“Trinity graduates support our college and its students in impressive ways,” Mallari-D’Auria observed. “But Reunion giving is an area where Trinity can do much better. The unrestricted dollars raised each year through annual funds and Reunion campaigns—like the 10th, 25th, and 50th—provide other institutions with a measure of flexibility and competitive advantage. It is time for Trinity alumni to demonstrate our aspirations for the College.”

Honoring those who made it possible

Mallari-D’Auria, who serves as chief investment officer of global and emerging markets equities  at Ariel Investments and sits on the firm’s Executive Committee, sees his gift as a way of opening doors for students, the way financial aid and internships at Trinity did for him. “My first job, and ultimately my career, was driven by an internship at the school,” said Mallari-D’Auria, who had a 32-year career at AllianceBernstein before his recent move to Ariel Investments. “All of that would not have been possible if Trinity hadn’t offered me financial aid. And that financial aid was only available because of previous generations of alumni who gave generously.”

Growing up in the Hartford area, Mallari-D’Auria and his parents knew Trinity alumni—they were among their friends, colleagues, and teachers. His high school history teacher, Dan Doll ’66, was a Trinity alumnus and the first to suggest Mallari-D’Auria consider applying to Trinity. Mallari-D’Auria recalled, “Dan Doll said, ‘Trinity would be a great place for you to go’ and offered to write a letter of recommendation for me.” Acceptance to the College was followed by a generous financial aid package and, later, an on-campus part-time job, which made affording Trinity possible for Mallari-D’Auria and his family.

During his junior year, Mallari-D’Auria, an economics major, interned with the investment management division of Travelers Insurance. The connections he made there led to his first job after college at PaineWebber. “Trinity was key to being able to get that first job,” he said.

Mallari-D’Auria recalled that shortly after his graduation from Trinity, he felt an obligation to give back to his alma mater. “It wasn’t big dollars, but it was something. The school had been important to me.” His involvement with Trinity continued through the years, including attending Reunions and making annual Trinity College Fund gifts. As his support increased, he decided to focus his philanthropy on financial aid.

“I understood that the price of a small liberal arts school is out of reach for many families and that I had an opportunity to ease some of that burden. My view is that if you are in a position to, you ought to contribute to the school’s ability to enroll the best students.”

This is our time

As co-chair of the All In campaign and a trustee of the College, Mallari-D’Auria takes seriously the responsibility to lead by example. His gift is reflective of this belief and informed by his service on the Board of Trustees.

Each giving vehicle—current-use gifts through the Trinity College Fund, permanent endowment, and an estate provision—is unique in its timing and impact,” Mallari-D’Auria said. “At Trinity, as is the case among other private liberal arts colleges, robust alumni support can be the key to excellence. In fact, at those liberal arts colleges we have seen rise precipitously during the past decade, alumni giving did provide the competitive advantage. We know Trinity can outperform all of them. This is our time.”

For President Joanne Berger-Sweeney, Mallari-D’Auria’s decision to double down on his philanthropic support “in such a smart way” embodies his enormous contributions to the College as a trustee. “As a leader, Henry is focused on two things: creating opportunities for the most deserving students and ensuring that Trinity has the resources it needs to compete vigorously and successfully in its third century,” she said. “Serving with him has been one of the privileges of my presidency.”


The All In campaign has raised $375 million for objectives articulated in Summit: A Strategic Plan for the Future of Trinity College, including support for student scholarships, faculty and the Trinity Plus curriculum, athletics, internships, student research, entrepreneurship, the physical campus, and the entire student experience through the Trinity College Fund. For more information, please contact [email protected].