The Health Center operates on a fee-for-service basis, charging up to $20 to your Student Account for an initial visit and no charge for follow up care. Although the Health Center does not charge your insurance for care provided, having your active insurance information on file is necessary for any services required outside of the Health Center (i.e., lab work or referrals to specialty care).

We keep many commonly prescribed and over-the-counter medications in stock for your convenience. These are provided to you at cost and charges are posted to your Student Account. Prescribed medications that are not available in the Health Center will be referred with your insurance information to one of the many pharmacies in the area for prescription pick-up.

Please be sure your current insurance information is uploaded to your student health portal and that you are aware of, and understand, your insurance plan specifics (i.e. deductibles, prior authorizations, or any requirements for care) so that we can promptly provide you with care.

For more information on the Student Health Insurance offered by Trinity College, please refer to the Student Accounts website or contact Student Accounts at (860) 297-2028.

If you are experience significant, unforeseen, unavoidable emergencies and unexpected expenses, you may apply to the Student Emergency and Equity Fund for financial assistance if needed. Please refer to the link for details on this service and note that approval is not guaranteed.

If you receive a bill from Hartford Healthcare you can call 877.442.2455 or go to the this link to explore financial assistance options from Hartford Healthcare with your bill.