Putting ideas into action is what innovation is all about.


When: Yearly in September

What: Join the Center for Entrepreneurship and the Entrepreneurship Club for Trinity’s annual Idea Hackathon – a lively event for students who want to share their ideas for entrepreneurial ventures with others and get feedback. Students pitch their ideas and answer audience questions, receiving guidance and feedback throughout the experience. Awards include the most marketable idea, the idea with the greatest chance to change the world, and even the idea that “Mom and Dad would want you to vote for!” 

INFO: This event is open to Trinity Students only. 


When: Yearly in December

What: First-year students take on an invention exercise to learn about creative-problem solving, persuasive communication, teamwork, and the innovative mindset. Students evaluate problems and learn methodologies to develop solutions, from concept to prototyping. Students pick a problem to work on and invent their own solution. They pitch their inventions at the annual Summit Innovation Challenge judged event.  Read about the 2023 Challenge.

INFO: Participation is open to Trinity Students only.


When: Yearly in March 

What: Each spring, the Entrepreneurship Center will host a Techstars Startup Weekend on campus— a three-day program for aspiring entrepreneurs to experience startup life.  In 54 hours, students go from pitching ideas for a startup on Friday night to presenting their strategy before seasoned entrepreneur and venture capital judges over the weekend.  Student teams develop ideas, seek market feedback, prototype if possible, and prepare a final presentation on their idea.  Mentors and supporters (including marketing, prototyping, engineering, and other volunteers) help the students achieve their goals at each step. By the end of the weekend, students will have had an immersive experience in what it means to be an entrepreneur!

INFO: This event is open to all Trinity Students and the Hartford region at large. This event is in planning.