The Trinity College Entrepreneurship Community is a thriving ecosystem of students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni, partners, sponsors, and other passionate and enthused participants.

The Center for Entrepreneurship is the nexus for an extensive community of innovative and entrepreneurial interests that collectively form the innovation ecosystem at Trinity.

  • Tyree Innovation Fellowship Community – An exclusive, applied-for, first- and second year-focused program that is designed to build inventive, innovative, and entrepreneurial thinking and skills, culminating in Innovation Experiential Certificates and Entrepreneurial Experiential Certificates for those students who complete all the requirements. Students bond as a cohort and experience real-world innovation and entrepreneurship challenges, grow key soft skills in critical thinking, creative problem-solving, innovation, and entrepreneurship, and build networks and confidence that will stay with students for life.  LEARN MORE →
  • INNOVATE: The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Living Learning Community – A first-year housing program to gather like-minded students together to explore and expand innovative and entrepreneurial mindsets — all while building skills, gaining hands-on experience, growing networks, and having fun! LEARN MORE →
  • Student Clubs – Student groups around inventing, innovation, entrepreneurship, investing, venture capital, marketing, management consulting, and more — and the Entrepreneurship Center is helping guide and support these students to help each other learn and grow. LEARN MORE →
  • Alumni and Parent Network – Alumni and parents are actively engaged in supporting the growth of innovative and entrepreneurial mindsets on and off campus.  Whether as mentors, judges, sponsors, speakers, collaborators, or any of a number of other roles, the Center for Entrepreneurship could not meet its goals without the strong support of our Trinity extended family. LEARN MORE →
  • Partner Network – Key partners and sponsors — particularly those in Hartford — are a welcome part of the Trinity community. Sponsors support our student projects, events, and initiatives.  Partners work with students, faculty, staff, and the Center to create new opportunities for learning and student development.  LEARN MORE →

For more information, contact Danny Briere, Executive Director.