The Center for Entrepreneurship has worked with partner departments across campus to launch experiential certificates in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Center for Entrepreneurship is working with departments across Trinity’s Liberal Arts spectrum to launch new coursework and experiential certificates to support innovation and entrepreneurship on campus.  Certificates appear on student transcripts and may be referenced in resumes, much like Graduating with Honors listings.

These two certificates are a core part of the Tyree Innovation Fellowship program to build student innovative and entrepreneurial mindsets.

These two new certificates continue the expansion of the forward-looking Trinity Plus curriculum, which boldly combines the liberal arts with co-curricular, experiential learning in preparing students for the future.


Innovation Certificate

Sponsored by the Computer Science and Theater and Dance Departments, this certificate demonstrates a prowess and capability in creativity, design thinking, critical thinking, and creative problem solving. Students can take CCUR 200: Design Thinking for Innovation and/or complete a relevant internship(s) that builds on the development of whole-self problem-solving, creativity, brainstorming/ideation, and/or user research skills — with an emphasis of bringing ideas from concept to prototype.  Students also complete one academic course from eligible innovation certificate courses in various departments across campus. When complete, students will have a grasp on how innovations start from initial problem identification and end with developed solutions ready to be launched into the world.


Entrepreneurship Certificate

Sponsored by the Urban Studies Department, this certificate builds leadership and entrepreneurial traits and growth mindsets to support student adaptability as the pace of change accelerates in the world around us — especially in the post-college work environment. Employers want to hire students who have demonstrated that they can take the initiative and can plan and organize, marshal resources, deal with people, mitigate risk, network, build and lead teams, to deliver results and be successful. The next generation of workers needs to be prepared to learn new skills and technology, to change jobs, and to pivot to new opportunities and priorities.  Through the Experiential Certificate in Entrepreneurship, students develop these core skills that will serve them throughout their careers, whether they start a business, join a startup, or choose a career in an established or emerging organization. Students can take FORG/CCUR 231: Entrepreneur Workshop and/or complete a relevant internship(s) that speed the development of problem-solving, creativity, brainstorming/ideation, and/or user research skills — with an emphasis of bringing prototypes to market.