The Center for Entrepreneurship supports students in their quest to launch innovative and entrepreneurial efforts at Trinity -- through a range of grant and funding programs

The Center for Entrepreneurship wants to help students on their entrepreneurial journey by making available a select amount of competitive startup funds to help them at key junctures in their startup’s development.  Small “microgrants” are available early to help with key initial expenses, particularly legal and IT expense.  Larger “pre-seed” grants are available to help students after they have established a strong sense of their desired direction — as evidenced by customer research, product definition and a completed business model canvas.  Yet larger “seed” grants are available for later stage students with a proven product/market fit and need for funds to help with their “Go To Market” plans. 

These funds are not meant to be the only funds that students raise on their entrepreneurial adventure, but important funds to help them elevate at key points along their way.  Funding requests should be to support a specific initiative that is appropriate for the current stage of the company (e.g., filing for a patent once the product plans are set).  These funds are available to support a business plan with key targeted needs and is not meant to be used for mere ongoing operational expenses.

The Center for Entrepreneurship offers students three types of funding to carry out innovative or entrepreneurial projects. 

  • Microgrants — Up to three grants of $500 each for student early-stage expenses like trademarks and business filings LEARN MORE →
  • Pre-Seed Grants — Grant of $5,000 for student ventures for later-stage expenses like patent applications LEARN MORE →
  • Seed Grants — Grant of $10,000 for market traction-focused expenses like surveys and market trials LEARN MORE →

Students must apply for grants and not all applications are approved for funding.  Students apply sequentially for funding — students applying for seed grants, for instance, should have exhausted their Microgrant and Pre-Seed Grant options beforehand.

Funds are limited and students should inquire about fund availability before applying.  Funding is only available for current students.  Pre-Seed and Seed funding requests require presentations to the Trinity College Entrepreneurship Center Funding Review Board for review and approval.

For more information, contact Danny Briere, Executive Director.