Academic Year 2023-24

* Denotes a collaboration with Trinity students.

Carol Any, Professor of Language and Culture Studies
Article: “Liberal Bolsheviks on Creative Writing” (in Russian), Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie 183 (5/2023):107–21, as part of a bloc of articles devoted to Soviet approaches to literature as craft.

Catina Bacote, Assistant Professor of English
Article: “On Being Black and Afraid,” Fourth Genre, 25.2, Winter 2024.

Barbara Benedict, Charles A. Dana Professor of English
Chapter: “The Satire of Learning: Voyage III”  in The Cambridge Companion to Jonathan Swift’s “Gulliver’s Travels,” ed. Nicholas Saeger (Cambridge University Press, 2023): 150-63.

Daniel Blackburn, Thomas S. Johnson Distinguished Professor of Biology
Article: “Phylogenetic analysis of viviparity, matrotrophy, and other reproductive patterns in chondrichthyan fishes,” with D.F. Hughes, a large monograph on fish reproduction, Biological Reviews (2024).
Paper: “Heads or tails first? Evolution of fetal orientation in ichthyosaurs, with a scrutiny of the prevailing hypothesis,” BMC Ecology and Evolution 23, 1-13, in collaboration with paleontologists from Germany and Switzerland.


David Sterling Brown, Associate Professor of English
Shakespeare’s White Others (Cambridge University Press, October 2023), a critical examination of how racial whiteness in Shakespeare perpetuates and reaffirms anti-Blackness and sustains white supremacy.

Clayton Byers, Assistant Professor of Engineering
Paper: “Investigation of Frequency Coupling in a Restricted Pulsatile Flow,” 2023 International Mechanical Engineering Conference and Expo (under ASME), coauthored with three students; won the division of fluid engineering award for best paper.*
Paper: “Non-Linear Measurements of Roughness Effects in Pulsing Restricted Flows” 2023 International Mechanical Engineering Conference and Expo, was coauthored with two seniors from spring 2023; revised, published, and presented in the Fall 2023.*

Brian Chin, Assistant Professor of Psychology
Article: “Co-sleeping with pets, stress, and sleep in a nationally-representative sample of United States adults,” with Tvisha Singh ’26 and Aisha Carothers ’25, accepted for publication in Scientific Reports.
Article: “Pet ownership and mental health in United States adults during COVID-19,” co-authored with Dolores Marcial-Modesto ’24 and Professor Elizabeth Casserly, accepted for publication in Frontiers in Psychology.*

Hasan Comert, Maloney Family Distinguished Associate Professor of Economics
Article: “İkili Açmaz çerçevesinden Türkiye’de yakin dönem merkez bankaciliği ve kur krizlerini anlamak,” Hasan Cömert and T. Sabri Öncü, METU Studies in Development, [S.l.], v. 50, n. 1, p. 115-169, jun. 2023. This article (in Turkish) is part of Prof. Comert’s ongoing research on central banking in developing countries and the Turkish economy.

Kent Dunlap, Professor of Biology
Article:  “Androgen receptors rapidly modulate non-breeding aggression in male and female weakly electric fish (Gymnotus omarorum),” with Valiño, Guillermo, and Quintana, cover article in Hormones and Behavior, 159 (2024): 105475, arising from a Fulbright Specialist Award to Uruguay.

Book cover for Scott Gac"s "Born in Blood"


Scott Gac, Professor of History and American Studies
Born in Blood: Violence and the Making of America (Cambridge University Press, January 2024), an examination of a political culture of violence from the American Revolution to the Gilded Age.

Amanda Guzmán, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Chapter: “Teaching Museum Curation and Cultural Equity by Design” (with Amanda J, Carolyn A. Smith, and Rosemary A. Joyce), describing work and challenges associated with teaching museum anthropological practice and community engaged scholarship, in Pragmatic Imagination and the New Museum Anthropology, edited by Christina J. Hodge and Christina F. Kreps (London: Routledge Press, March 2024).

Brianna Halladay, Assistant Professor of Economics
Article: “Shame on me: Emotions and gender differences in taking with earned endowments,” with Rachel Landsman, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 2024, 102207.

Lindsey Hanson, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Paper: “Pressure and Composition Effects on a Common Nanoparticle Ligand–Solvent Pair,” report by research team of Professor Hanson and Trinity student Samuel Salas Sanabria ’25 on the effects of pressure on a mixture between a common nanoparticle ligand and solvent.*
Article: “Correlating structural changes in thermoresponsive hydrogels to the optical response of embedded plasmonic nanoparticles,” Nanoscale Advances, 2024,6, 146-154, by the research team of Professor Hanson and Trinity students Kamila Zygadlo ’23 and Emmanuel Reynoso Bernardo ’24, along with Professor Mu-Ping Nieh and his doctoral student Chung-Hao Liu from the University of Connecticut on the temperature-induced response of a gold nanorod-hydrogel composite sensor.*

Michael J. Hatch, Associate Professor of Fine Arts
“Networks of Touch: A Tactile History of Chinese Art, 1790–1840” (Penn State University Press, 2024), a sensory history of early nineteenth-century Chinese art focused on the role touch played in re-orienting artistic practices across mediums.

Adam Hill, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Article: “Time-Resolved Silica Luminescence Probes Photoinduced Electron Transfer from Heterobinuclear Units to 2,2′-Bipyridine and O2,” with Salzmann, Knapp, Ashmore, Heston, Rundell, Cunningham, and Jahncke, J. Phys. Chem. C 2024, 128, 9, 3844–3856.

Laura Holt, Professor of Psychology
Article: “Who persists and who desists? A prospective study of prescription stimulant misuse in college graduates,” with L.J., Langdon, S., & Feinn, R., Journal of Drug Issues, 54(2), 151-166 (2024).
Article: “Emerging adults’ experiences with e-cigarette cessation,” with L.J. & Latimer, L., Substance Use and Misuse 59(3), 405-410 (2024).
Article: “Attachment representations and emotions in teaching as antecedents to teaching styles in higher education,” with Mattanah, Feinn, Katzenberg, Albert, Boarman, Bowley, Marszalek, Visalli, Daramola, and Abduljalil, International Journal of Higher Education, 13(1), 1-13 (2024).

Katsuya Izumi, Lecturer in Language and Culture Studies
Article: “Reading Japanese Americans’ Traumas in the Censored Internment Camp Newspaper Manzanar Free Press,” in special issue focused on trauma and multilingualism, Polyphonie, 14:2, 1-21 (2023).

Tamsin Jones, Ellsworth Morton Tracy Lecturer and Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Chapter: “Incarnational Phenomenology” in Theological Fringes of Phenomenology, eds. Joseph Rivera and Joseph O’Leary (London: Routledge, 2023).


Samuel Kassow, Charles H. Northam Professor of History
Translation: Warsaw Testament, by Rokhl Auerbach (White Goat Press, May 2024), a memoir by Rokhl Auerbach, a journalist, literary critic, memoirist, and a member of the Warsaw Yiddish literary community before the Holocaust.

Seth Markle, Associate Professor of History and International Studies
Chapter: “’Spray It Loud’: Hip Hop Graffiti Culture and Politics in Dar es Salaam, 2003-2018,” in Scratched, Scrawled, Sprayed: Towards a Cross Cultural Understanding (De Gruyter, Berlin, Germany, December 2023), edited by Ondrej Skrabal, Leah Mascia, Ann Lauren Osthof, and Malena Ratzke..


Kevin J. McMahon, John R. Reitemeyer Professor of Political Science
A Supreme Court Unlike Any Other: The Deepening Divide Between the Justices and the People (University of Chicago Press, April 2024), an account of today’s Supreme Court within the context of U.S. history and the broader structure of contemporary politics.

book cover for "Immigration, Security, and the Liberal State"


Anthony M. Messina, John R. Reitemeyer Professor of Political Science
Immigration, Security, and the Liberal State: The Politics of Migration Regulation in Europe and the United States, with Gallya Lahav (Cambridge University Press, January 2024), an analysis of the political forces and evolving norms shaping the immigration policies of contemporary liberal states.

Garth Myers, Paul E. Raether Distinguished Professor of Urban International Studies and Director of the Center for Urban and Global Studies
Chapter: “Archipelagic Thinking, Southern Urbanism, and Experimental Comparisons,” in The Routledge Handbook of Comparative Global Urban Studies, eds. Jennifer Robinson and Patrick Le Gales, (London: Routledge, 2023).
Paper: “A Century of Urban Planning for Zanzibar’s Other Side, 1923-2023,” Planning Perspectives (December 2023)


Irene Papoulis, Principal Lecturer in the Allan K. Smith Center for Writing and Rhetoric
The Essays Only You Can Write (Broadview Press, 2023), a textbook for beginning college writers that encourages students to think like academics by pursuing and developing their unique curiosities and interests; it also attends to the psychological and other factors that might get in the way, providing strategies for overcoming them.

Miguel D. Ramirez, Ward S. Curran Distinguished Professor of Economics
Paper: “A Critical Note on Ricardo’s views on Absolute and Relative Value in terms of Labor Values,” History of Economic Thought and Policy, Vol. 19, No. 2, 2023: 53-66.
Paper: “Public Investment, Private Investment, and Labor Productivity in Nepal: A Cointegration and VECM Analysis,” Chamlagai, Pranick R. and Miguel D. Ramirez, Business and Economic Research, Vol. 13, No. 4, December 2023: 74-102.
Paper: “Do Remittances Promote Labor Productivity in Mexico? A DOLS and FMOLS Analysis, 1970-2017,” Session 040, Western Economics Association Meetings, San Diego, July 2, 2023. Professor Ramirez also acted as discussant of a paper by Xianyu Zhang titled, “Estimation of Panel Data Models with Heteroskedastic Data.”

Sarah Raskin, Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Charles A. Dana Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience
Article: “Patterns of prospective memory errors differ in persons with multiple sclerosis,” by Nguyen, C. A.*, Raskin, S. A., Turner, A. P., Dhari, Z., Neto, L. O., & Gromisch, E. S.*, Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, 1–12 (2024).
Article:Traumatic brain injury screening and neuropsychological functioning in women who experience head trauma and non-fatal strangulation as a result of intimate partner violence,” by Raskin, S., DeJoie, O.*, Edwards, C.*, Moran, J.*, Ouchida, C.*, White, O.*, Mordasiewicz, M.*, Anika, D.*, Njoku, B.*, The Clinical Neuropsychologist, 38 (2), 354-376 (2024).

Jennifer Regan-Lefebvre, Professor of History
Podcast: Discussion of “Imperial Wine: How the British Empire Made Wine’s New World” (University of California Press, 2022), Quality of Life podcast with Hugh Kruzel (August 7, 2023).
Article: “Should Wine History Have a Post-colonial Future? British Imperial Viticulture and Settler Colonialism,” Journal of the Canadian Historical Association/Revue de la Société historique du Canada, Vol. 33, No. 2, December 2023, pp 37-57.
Article: “Punchbowls in the Attic: A Mid-Century History of Punch,” Perspectives on History, American Historical Association, February 14, 2024.
Podcast: Discussion of “Imperial Wine: How the British Empire Made Wine’s New World” (University of California Press, 2022), on the New Books Network with Dr. Miranda Melcher (February 2024).

Gary Reger, Hobart Professor of Classical Languages, Emeritus
Book: Wild, Weird, West: Essays on Arid America (to be published by Texas Tech University Press in October 2024), a look ahuman interaction with desert spaces of the American Southwest through specific case studies that include literary texts, sacred spaces, travelers’ narratives, colonial topography, and UFO encounters.
Chapter: “Merchants and Traders on Hellenistic Delos,” The Oxford Handbook of Pre-Roman Italy (ca. 1000-49 B.C.E.) (Oxford University Press, 2024).

Mary Sandoval, Seabury Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy
Article: “Can the Hodge Spectra Distinguish Manifolds from Orbifolds? Part 2,” with Gittins, Gordon, Membrillo Solis, Rossetti, and Stanhope, Michigan Mathematics Journal (March 7, 2024).

Craig W. Schneider, Charles A. Dana Professor of Biology, Emeritus
Article: “The reinstatement of Ceramothamnion H.Richards (1901), a replacement name for the newly described Stirkia (Ceramiaceae, Rhodophyta),” with M.J. Wynne, Notulae algarum, 296: 1–4 (2023).
Article: “Australasian Lophothamnion J.Agardh aligns genetically with Pleonosporium Nägeli (Wrangeliaceae, Spongoclonieae): new species from the western Atlantic,” with G.W. Saunders, Cryptogamie Algologie 45(1): 1–10 (2024).
Article: Taxonomic addendum with nine new species in NEAS keys to the benthic marine algae of the Northwest Atlantic and Canadian Arctic from Long Island Sound to Cambridge Bay (3rd edition), Saunders, G.W., Northeast Algal Society Contribution no. 3, Northeast Algal Society, Bronx, New York, iv + 87 pp (2024).

Alyson K. Spurgas, Associate Professor of Sociology
Chapter: “Feminized Trauma, Responsive Desire, and Social/Global Logics of Control” in Globalization, Displacement, and Psychiatry (Routledge, 2023); this chapter represents a dialogue between two interdisciplinary social theorists (Alyson K. Spurgas and Elliott Schwebach) who discuss how psychological assumptions and psychotherapeutic practices are too often complicit with structural patterns of oppression, including gender-based violence and sexual control.

Benjamin Toscano, Assistant Professor of Biology
Article: “Among-individual behavioral responses to predation risk are invariant within two species of freshwater snails,” coauthored with five Trinity students, in Ethology, Vol. 129, No. 6, pp 269-279.*