Two prizes, awarded at Commencement, honor the teaching excellence of Trinity faculty, which is central to Trinity’s mission as a liberal arts college.

The Thomas Church Brownell Prize for Teaching Excellence

The Thomas Church Brownell Prize for Teaching Excellence recognizes consistently outstanding teaching by a senior faculty member.  Tenured associate and full professors who have been at the College for at least three years and teach full time are eligible.

Winners of the Brownell Prize
2024 David Mauro
2023 Kifah Hanna & Ethan Rutherford
2022 Dan Lloyd
2021 Stefanie Chambers & Erik Vogt
2020 Cheryl Greenberg
2019 Adrienne Fulco
​2018 ​Diana Paulin
​2017 ​Sarah Bilston
​2016 ​John Platoff
​2015 ​Daniel Blackburn
​2014 ​Gerald Moshell
​2013 ​Samuel D. Kassow
​2012 ​Ellison Banks Findly
​2011 ​​Frank Kirkpatrick
​2010 ​​Timothy P. Curran
​2008 ​Ralph A. Morelli
​2004 ​Sheila M. Fisher
​2002 ​John H. Chatfield
​2000 ​Henry A. DePhillips, Jr.
​1998 ​Dirk A. Kuyk, Jr.
​1996 ​Craig W. Schneider
​1994 ​Dina L. Anselmi
​1992 ​Milla C. Riggio
​1990 ​Drew A. Hyland
​1988 ​Diane Zannoni
​1986 ​Robert C. Stewart

The Dean Arthur H. Hughes Award for Achievement in Teaching

The Dean Arthur H. Hughes Award for Achievement in Teaching recognizes excellence in teaching by junior members of the Faculty. Full-time junior faculty (assistant professors and lecturers) who are in at least their third through ninth year of service are eligible.
Winners of the Hughes Award
2024 Ibrahim Shikaki & Shunyuan Zhang
2023 Clayton Byers, Lindsey Hanson, & Gerardo Ruiz Sánchez
2022 Gabriel Hornung & Ewa Syta
2021 Benjamin Carbonetti & Amber Pitt
2020 Michael Grubb
2019 Michelle Kovarik
​2018 ​Tamsin Jones
​2017 ​Katherine Bergren & Abigail Williamson
​2016 ​Jennifer Regan-Lefebvre
​2015 ​Daniel Mrozowski
​2014 Emilie Dressaire & Kifah Hanna
​2013 ​Ciaran Berry
​2012 ​Seth Markle
​​2011 ​​Laura Holt & Mark Stater
​2010 ​Christopher Hager
​​2009 ​​Eric A. Galm
​2008 ​Chloe Wheatley & Anne Gebelein
​2007 ​Christoph Geiss
​2006 ​Scott R. Smedley & David Rosen
​2005 ​Lisa-Anne Foster & Luis A. Figueroa
​2004 ​Gail H. Woldu
​2003 ​Lise Waxer & Thomas M. Mitzel
​2002 ​Sarah A. Raskin & Paul D. Assaiante
​2001 ​Jennifer Beineke
​2000 ​Vijay Prashad
​1999 ​E. Kathleen Archer & Carol Clark
​1998 ​Robert F. Peltier
​1997 Kathleen A. Curran & ​Ronald R. Thomas
​1996 ​Michael A. O’Donnell
​1995 ​M. Joshua Karter
​1994 ​Dario Del Puppo
​1993 ​Paula A. Russo
​1992 ​John H. Chatfield & Leslie Craine
​1991 ​Arthur Feinsod
​1990 ​Dan Lloyd

The Dana Research Professorship

The Dana Research Professorship was established to support one full professor and two associate professors for whom a period of reduced teaching responsibilities would enable the recipients to move forward with an important piece of research. Historically, the award has been given to faculty with a considerable track-record of published scholarship who are at critical junctures of research and who would benefit from having the released time.
Dana Research Professors
2023-2025 Joseph Palladino
2021-2023 Dario Euraque
​2019-2021 Pablo Delano
​2017-2019 ​Kent Dunlap
​2015-2017 ​Sarah Raskin
​2013-2015 ​Mark Setterfield
​2011-2013 ​James Trostle
​2009-2011 ​Leslie Desmangles
​2007-2009 ​Diana Evans
​2005-2007 ​Gary Reger
​2003-2005 ​Miguel Ramirez
​2001-2003 ​Daniel Blackburn
​1999-2001 ​Ellison Findly
​1997-1999 ​Priscilla Kehoe
​1995-1997 ​Craig Schneider
​1993-1995 ​Frank Kirkpatrick
​1991-1993 ​Samuel Kassow
​1989-1991 ​Karl Haberlandt
​1987-1989 ​Howard Delong
​1985-1987 ​Albert Howard
​1983-1985 ​Glenn Weaver
Dana Research Associate Professors
2023-2025 Cheyenne Brindle & Diana Paulin
2021-2023 Kifah Hanna & Laura Holt
2019-2021​ ​Lin Cheng & Abigail Williamson
​2017-2019 ​Christopher Hager & Sara Kippur
​2015-2017 ​Stefanie Chambers & Anne Lambright
​2013-2015 ​Zayde Antrim & Jeffrey Bayliss
​​2011-2013 ​Sonia Cardenas & Kevin McMahon
​2009-2011 ​Susan Masino & Beth Notar
2007-2009​ ​Kent Dunlap & Joan Morrison