Proposing New Courses for Fall, Spring, and Intersessions (Summer and J-Term)

Proposals for new courses should be submitted to the Curriculum Committee at least one semester before they are offered, preferably two to three weeks before advance registration.

Instructors should submit proposals for new courses to their department/program head and administrative assistant, who will submit it to the Curriculum Committee via the Course Management Console​. (Instructions for using the CMC are found on the Academic Affairs Sharepoint site​.) Instructors may complete an online course proposal form, also found on the Portal.

Course proposals require the following information:

  • Title: Short title of 30 characters maximum and, if relevant, long title of 100 characters maximum.
  • Level:  100, 200, 300, 400
  • Credits: generally 1.0 or .5
  • Description:  125 words maximum.
  • Component: lecture, seminar, lab or studio (Note that seminars should generally enroll 19 or fewer students.)
  • Enrollment Limit
  • Distribution requirements
  • Prerequisites, as relevant
  • Cross-reference or cross-list

The Curriculum Committee also asks faculty members to specify on the course proposal form whether a proposed course overlaps substantially with an existing course. In all cases of overlap, the Committee calls on faculty to communicate and coordinate offerings across departments/programs so that curricular redundancies are avoided and the needs of students are best met.

Proposing New Study Away Courses

Click here for information regarding Study Away course opportunities for faculty and consult with Rebecca Hovey, interim director of Study Away.

Proposing New Graduate Studies Courses

Click here​ to propose a new Graduate Studies course.