Curriculum Committee’s Mandate

Trinity College’s Curriculum Committee has responsibility for overseeing the undergraduate curriculum and, after careful review and evaluation, recommending any changes and innovations to it.  The Committee also screens new course offerings, including the First-Year Seminars and the January Term, as well as conducting regular reviews of all academic departments and programs. (Faculty Manual)

Guidelines & Procedures

The following sections outline guidelines and procedures of the Curriculum Committee:

Members, 2022-23

  • Michelle Kovarik, Chair (Chemistry)
  • Sonia Cardenas (Dean of the Faculty and Vice President for Academic Affairs)
  • Mitchell Polin, Secretary (Associate Dean for Curriculum)
  • Ciaran Berry (English)
  • Clayton Byers (Engineering)
  • Jean-Marc Kehrès (Language and Culture Studies, fall)
  • Lina Ma (Mathematics, fall)
  • Martha Risser (Classical Studies, spring)
  • Gerardo Ruiz Sánchez (Economics)
  • Ibrahim Shikaki (Economics, spring)
  • Jenny Wu (Studio Arts, spring)
  • Taive Muenzberg ’23
Documents relating to the work of the Curriculum Committee, including annual reports and academic divisional plans, can be accessed here​.​​