How does my housing selection timeslot get assigned to me?
Your housing selection timeslot is based on your graduating class year. Priority is given to rising seniors, then rising juniors, followed by rising sophomores. Within each class year, timeslots are randomized.

The size or composition of your roommate group, or lack of a roommate group, does not impact the time slot you are assigned through the housing selection process, nor does changing roommate groups impact your time slot.

How does townhouse selection work?
Townhouse selection will occur in the order below:

  1. Groups with only rising seniors
  2. Groups with rising seniors and rising juniors
  3. Groups with rising seniors, rising juniors, and rising sophomores
  4. Groups with only rising juniors
  5. Groups with only rising sophomores

How does group formation work?
Each group MUST select a group leader. The group leader will then invite other students to join the group and the students will need to accept the request in order to join the group.

Please Note: The number of individuals in a roommate group MUST match the number of beds in the townhouse or suite. If your group is one less, or one over, you will not be able to select the townhouse or suite. 

How does housing selection work if I am in a group?
When the housing selection process starts, the group leader will login to the eRezLife system to select a townhouse or suite and assign roommates to beds.

  • Note: You can allow the eRezLife system to assign the beds in a unit at random and change the bedroom assignments later, so you can just focus on selecting your townhouse or suite.

Can I change my housing assignment after I have selected a room in the housing lottery?
No. Once your room assignment has been confirmed, no changes are possible through eRezLife.

If my preferred roommate’s housing selection times do not fall within the same selection timeslot as mine, whose timeslot do we use as a group?
The person with the earliest timeslot can be the group leader and will select the housing assignment.

What will happen if we don’t have enough people in our group to fill all the beds in our townhouse/suite of choice?
You will not be able to reserve a townhouse or suite unless ALL the bed spaces in the townhouse or suite are filled.

What happens if a roommate declines to live with my group?
If a roommate request is denied, your group will lose the reservation for the townhouse/suite and your entire group will need to begin the selection process over.

Can someone be selected as a roommate by more than one group?
No. Once a pending roommate request is made, the student name is no longer available for selection unless the roommate request is denied.

When room browsing, why do some of the suites/townhouses appear as unavailable?
The composition of your roommate group dictates which suites/townhouses are available to you when browsing and selecting rooms. This includes the number of people in your group, their gender, and their class year. For example, a four person group would not be able to see availabilities in Jarvis suites.

What happens if I miss my timeslot?
On the day your class selects housing, you will still be able to go into the system to select a housing assignment.

What if I am a returning student?
Students wishing to participate in the April housing selection process must be formally readmitted by April 1. Students who are readmitted AFTER April 1st will be assigned fall housing after the completion of the housing selection process.

What should I do if I plan on studying abroad?
Students who are studying abroad in fall 2024 are NOT eligible to participate in the housing selection process. Our office will reach out to these students to determine housing placements for the 2025 spring semester.

Students studying abroad in the spring 2025 semester are eligible to participate in the housing selection process.

What should I do if I am returning from studying abroad?
Students currently studying abroad are eligible to participate in the housing selection process and follow the same processes as students currently on campus.

What do the rooms look like?
You can get information about the neighborhoods and individual communities, including  the floor plans, here.

Why would I be unable to participate?
The following students will be assigned a room prior to housing selection:

  • Community Advisors
  • Resident Advisors
  • PRIDE leaders
  • Students with housing accommodations (unless student chooses to participate in housing selection process)

Students who cannot form groups and select housing:

  • Students on financial hold
  • Students who have not had their childhood vaccinations
  • Students who will be studying abroad during the fall semester
  • Students approved for off-campus housing or commuter status