As part of our mission to foster a diverse and inclusive learning and living environment, Trinity College is committed to supporting students with documented disabilities. As a residential community, Trinity prioritizes the residential experience as an essential part of our institutional commitment to educating the whole person.

Accommodation Requests

Housing accommodation requests are reviewed on an individual basis. It is important to note that students are not making a request for a specific housing assignment, but rather a request for an accommodation. Requests for particular housing assignments based on a student’s preference, rather than need, for a particular type of living environment, such as a certain type of room or location or desire for a quiet place to study will not be honored. Single rooms represent a small portion of available housing options and are granted as accommodations only in rare circumstances. Such requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Accommodation Process

Housing accommodation requests generally take three to four weeks to process but may vary depending on the request. Please see the Student Accessibility Resource Center‘s website for specifics regarding the housing accommodation request process.

Post-Deadline Requests

If a need for a housing accommodation request arises outside of the above timelines, students should still follow the same application process. The Student Accessibility Resource Center will review post-deadline requests and the college will make every attempt to implement approved accommodations based on current availability. Please note that availability for certain types of accommodations may be limited at later points in the year.

Emotional Support Animals (ESAs)

Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) needed to support students with documented disabilities may qualify as service animals or therapy animals and may be permitted to live in the residential community when expressly authorized by the Student Accessibility Resource CenterStudents should not bring an animal to campus until they have expressly received approval.

For definitions, policy, and procedure regarding emotional support animals, please visit Student Accessibility Resources