Trinity IDP students are provided advising and services tailored to adult needs, together with full access to all of Trinity’s academic resources.

Because entering IDP students are transitioning to a new community at Trinity, we have created a comprehensive advising system.

Advising Services and Academic Resources

Office of Student Success Staff

Designated staff members work to serve the particular needs of IDP students.

Office of Student Success Staff Member
Roberta Rogers IDP’10
Director of Student Success

Financi​al Aid Staff Member
Douglas Haddad
Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Registrar Staff Member
Alexis Yusov

Academic Advisor

Each new student is assigned a faculty adviser who will become familiar with your background from the admissions process and will help you identify the resources you need to succeed at Trinity. Your adviser will oversee your academic progress until you choose a major, when you will have an adviser from your major department.

Life on Campus

IDP students quickly discover that they belong to at least two on-campus communities—the IDP community and the broader Trinity community.

Within IDP

Within IDP, you’ll meet a strikingly diverse group ranging in age from their 20s to their 60s. Some are seeking to advance in their current careers, some to prepare for a career change, and still others to discover new life directions. Many students balance the demands of a family or a job (or both) with their studies. Some are recent graduates of two-year colleges, and some had their educations interrupted years ago. Often, IDP students form strong friendships that last long past graduation.

You’ll find it easy to get to know other IDP students in the IDP Transitional Seminar and other courses, through IDP events, and while studying or socializing in the IDP Lounge within the Mather Student Center. There is also the IDP Association, which provides a voice for those in the program and has  reserved seats on the Trinity Student Government Association.

Across Trinity

At the same time, you’ll have access to all that Trinity offers. IDP students enjoy taking classes with traditional-age undergraduates, where they bring perspectives and life experiences that enliven the discussion. Although they juggle their various commitments, many find it possible to participate in a student organization, work out at the Ferris Athletic Center ,  catch a film at the Cinestudio, engage in community service, or bring their kids to campus to see Trinity’s athletic teams in action.​


Trinity College Individualized Degree Program

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