Do I have to attend full time?

IDP students may attend part-time or full-time, taking one class or up to five classes. Create a schedule to meet your needs! You may also change the number of classes you take each semester as your needs change.

Is there financial aid available?

Trinity College is committed to making degree completion as affordable as possible for all IDP students.  IDP tuition is charged by the course rather than by the semester. This makes tuition more affordable whether or not you qualify for  financial aid. And, many of our adult  students are surprised to learn that they are eligible for need-based financial aid at Trinity. Over 80% of IDP students receive financial aid. We offer need-based financial aid for both full- and part-time study, for both the fall and spring semesters. Need-based aid is available during the summer on a funds-available basis.

A standard financial aid package includes a combination of federal and Trinity grants (do not have to be repaid), loans, and federal work-study. In addition to covering your tuition and fees, need-based  financial aid may also cover a portion of your living and personal expenses. Special financial support is provided for Phi Theta Kappa Scholars, veterans, and those eligible for Waivers. Read more about financial aid for IDP students.

​Can I transfer credits?

Trinity IDP accepts up to 18 courses in transfer from accredited two- and four-year colleges.

What majors can I take?

Trinity College offers 41 undergraduate majors all of which are available to IDP students. In addition, students may self-design an interdisciplinary major.

I went to school many years ago. Do my credits expire?

Trinity’s IDP evaluates each applicant’s transcript individually and accepts credits without regard to date earned.

Do I have to take or re-take SATs?

SAT and ACT scores are not required for application or admission to Trinity IDP.

D​o I need a specific GPA to apply or be accepted at a Trinity IDP student?

Our admissions process is designed to consider each candidate’s full range of academic accomplishments. While a specific GPA is not required, 3.0 or above is highly favorable.

​What’s the first step in applying to Trinity’s IDP?

Begin by reviewing the IDP application details, then contact Jennifer Loscialpo at 860-297-2180 or for answers to your questions about Trinity’s Individualized Degree Program.

What are the application deadlines?

While admissions decisions are made as applications are received, there are specific notable deadlines for to apply to IDP:

  • April​ 15 for fall-semester admission
  • November 15 for spring-semester admission

The same deadlines apply to financial aid applications.

“I remember it was back earlier in the summer, we had our IDP Student Orientation. We had a nice little luncheon, got to meet with some of the different professors we were going to have, and just realizing and connecting that these are going to be my people.”

Dave Schultz, IDP Student

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