The Bantam Network

Trinity’s Bantam Network is designed to support you from your very first days on campus through a unique network of individuals and experiences. Designed by students for students, the Bantam Network is at the heart of Trinity’s first-year experience, helping you get to know other students and faculty and staff members, offering the ready support that new students want, providing dedicated spaces to work and relax with other first-year students, and allowing you to become more deeply acquainted with Trinity and Hartford.  The Bantam Network will give you the tools to succeed and will quickly make you feel at home at Trinity.

The foundation of the Bantam Network is the first-year seminar, which every student takes.  Your first-year seminar classmates will be people you’ll get to know well.  You’ll live in neighboring first-year residence halls. And you’ll join together with four other seminar classes to be grouped as a “Nest” of about 60 students.  We think the people you meet in your Nest will quickly become your friends during your four years at Trinity and beyond.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​