Peer Tutoring can help strengthen your critical thinking and active problem solving skills. Tutoring occurs in one-on-one and small group sessions.

Who We Are

The Peer Tutoring Network is a supplemental, approval-based, subject-specific tutoring option for students who have already sought out support from professors, teaching assistants, supplemental instruction sessions, and general tutoring centers like the Writing Center and the Quantitative Literacy Center. Peer tutors are selected from students who have demonstrated outstanding success in the subject matter and a propensity for excellent communication.

What We Do

After you have utilized all available academic resources but still require further assistance, you can submit an application for subject-specific tutoring approval. The application approval process requires students to first utilize academic support resources, faculty office hours, TA sessions, and supplemental instruction opportunities before seeking a tutor.

We recommend that you discuss your request for a tutor with your professor. Your professor can clarify the specific areas that you are struggling with and how a Peer Tutor can be most helpful to you.

Connect with Us

Complete the Request a Peer Tutor form online, submitting a separate request for each course.  On average, it takes about two weeks to approve the application, match a tutor and student, and begin tutoring. We may not be able to fulfill all peer tutoring requests because tutors may not be available for all courses.

Once approved, you will receive a welcome email introducing you to your assigned Peer Tutor. You and your Peer Tutor will work together to schedule your tutoring session and maintain ongoing communication. Tutors will meet with you from 1-3 hours per week in the Center for Academic and Experiential Advising study room during office hours or in the conference room at 115 Vernon Street #108 after hours and weekends.

What Can a Peer Tutor Help With?

  • Connect key concepts from class and those in the textbook
  • Assistance in grasping the underlying concepts of class topics and/or the methodology for problem-solving
  • Enhance your understanding and comfort level with course concepts

Expectations For Your Peer Tutoring Session

  • Peer Tutors help you understand the concepts behind problems, and/or the process of solving problems. You are expected to come to your tutoring session with specific questions about concepts. Peer tutors will not assist you with work on take-home exams, problem sets, or solve homework problems directly. Improper assistance is a violation of the Honor Code.
  • Students may receive up to 3 hours of tutoring per week per course.
  • At your first meeting, identify the goals for what you want to get out of your tutoring sessions with your Peer Tutor and define your general session schedule to include days, times, and location.
  • Come prepared with specific questions and bring all relevant materials (text books, syllabus, notes, etc.)
  • Be on time for your sessions! If you must cancel a session, give as much advanced notice as possible, preferably at least 24 hours.

Life Design Coaching

The Career and Life Design Center offers Life Design Coaching to help you learn strategies and identify resources for academic skills such as:

  • Time management
  • Productivity vs Procrastination
  • Developing Your Support System
  • Organization Skills Development
  • Planning, Prioritizing, and Goal Setting

Schedule a Life Design Appointment!

Join Our Team

Interested in becoming a Peer Tutor? Peer Tutors reinforce study strategies, promote independent learning, and model positive constructive academic behaviors for students. Complete the Peer Tutor application today!

Requirements to Become a Peer Tutor

  • Must be in good academic and social standing
  • Must have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • Must have earned an A- or better in the course(s) you wish to tutor
  • Attend a Peer Tutor training session
  • Be dependable, organized, respectful, friendly, patient, understanding and compassionate



Peer Tutoring Network

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