In addition to the weekly meetings, the Charleston House also hosts numerous programs each year. These range from dinner discussions at the house to excursions off-campus to domestic and international travel. Below are some highlights from the past several years!

Better Together Dinners

Each semester, the Charleston House puts on several dinners with carefully crafted discussions, honorable guest speakers, and excellent food from local restaurants!

Past programs include:

Halloween at the Charleston House: Unmasking the Inner You

Join us at the Charleston house for some yummy Indian food and a conversation about how we mask and reveal our various identities on Trinity’s campus.

Speed Faithing

Join us to learn about three religions with which you may be less familiar and to enjoy Indian food!

Navigating Times of Difficulty

With everything going on in the world, it is easy to come across a post that says “I stand in solidarity with…” but what does ‘standing in solidarity’ look like? Do we all have the same ideas and expectations of the meaning of solidarity? Join us at the Charleston House as we discuss the topic over delicious Thai food and hear a beautiful story of solidarity from Professor Bayliss.

Listening to the Other Side

All are invited to come to the Charleston House and participate in constructive conversation while enjoying yummy food. Hope to see you there!

Gender Identity at Trinity College

All are invited to join us for dinner catered by Black Eyed Sally’s and a discussion about gender identity at Trinity College. We will start by hearing from Professor Robert Corber to establish a basic understanding of sex, gender, and sexuality, as well as terms associated with each category. Then, we will have a panel of two Trinity students to discuss their gender identities. If you’re curious what gender identity is or already know, but want more information, then come.

Reclaiming our Identities: Our Muslim & Mexican Peers

A student panel that will center on dispelling negative stereotypes of each group & highlight the contributions and true meaning of each culture and religion. There will be Halal and Mexican food!

Why Poetry?

The Charleston House of Interfaith Cooperation Presents:

Please join us for dinner and a panel discussion about poetry and spirituality. We invite students to bring a poem to share–either of their own or a favorite poet. Featuring guet poets Director of the Creative Writing Program Ciaran Berry, published poet and Dean of the Faculty Timothy Cresswell, Artist-in-Residence Clare Rossini.

Cultural Calming, Spiritual Sighs

All are invited to learn about how different world traditions approach stress relief through spirituality, prayer and mediation!  We will be hearing about Hindu, zen and Muslim stress-relieving practices. Feel free to bring a friend and enjoy a moment of relaxation during this stressful time of the year

Stances on Standing Rock

All are invited to join us for Chinese food and a discussion of the environmental, spiritual, and political issues surrounding the construction of the Dakota Pipeline on Sioux land and the protests at Standing Rock.

Polarization versus Plurality

All are invited to join us for Thai food and a conversation about our polarizing political climate and the prospects for positive pluralism beyond Election Day. What common values might provide a way toward cooperation, mutual respect, and civility? Mark Silk, director of the Greenberg Center, and Kevin McMahon, John R. Reitemeyer Professor of Political Science, will be offering insights and sparking conversation.

Regions and Religion

The Charleston House of Interfaith Cooperation, Trinity Hillel, and the David Project present an evening in which students and faculty will share about the people and places that have evoked their spiritual identities. Speakers include Emily Kaufman ’18, Dean Melanie Stein, and Professor Michael Lestz.

Nonviolent Resistance Training

Join for dinner, the training, and to learn about the Black Lives Matter Movement with Bishop John Selders.

What is your “Happy Holidays”?

A conversation about various expressions and traditions of the winter holidays, including Chanukah, Three Kings’ Day, Kwanzaa, and the pagan origins of Christmas traditions.

Mindful Eating and Environmental Stewardship

Join us for a dinner from Bombay Olive and a lettuce tasting, with a discussion about healthy eating and environmental stewardship. Ted Dobson, premier lettuce grower from the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts, will join us. This event is co-sponsored by Students for Buddhist Life.

Intersection of Faith and Culture, co-hosted with La Voz Latina

To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, join us for a discussion & dinner with La Voz Latina about how faith & culture influence worldviews. Students will share their personal stories as well.

Eat, Drink, be Holy

Do you like eating? Perchance you also like simultaneously imbibing a pleasant beverage whilst enjoying stimulating discourse. Would you also happen to like being holy? If so, you should come to the Interfaith House this Thursday at 6:00 P.M where you would delight in all of these things simultaneously. Come enjoy amazing Mexican food and a welcoming atmosphere as we discuss service. The suggested donation is 2 cans of food.

What does it mean to be Zen?

Lunch and an informal discussion with dharma teacher, Paul Bloom, of New Haven Zen Center.

Stories of Love and Liberation

Sharing stories of love and liberation from different cultures and traditions.

Annual Events and Collaborations

Chapel Formal

Each year, the Chapel Council and the Charleston House collaborate to host Chapel Formal. This event is open to all members of the community, including students, faculty, and staff. Donations and pledges are accepted at the event; neither is required to attend.

The proceeds go to Project PACKS, a student organization run through the Office of Community Service and Civic Engagement which partners with a Hartford NGO that addresses food insecurity among school children in the city.

In addition to creative ‘mocktails’ in the cloister, a delicious three-course meal catered by a local restaurant, and the elegant ambiance of the Trinity College Chapel, Chapel Formal includes an exceptional music program, directed by Christopher Houlihan, college organist and director of chapel music.