Since starting at Trinity College in 2004, Quest has trained over 200 student leaders to lead the pre-orientation program for up to 160 first-years during our August programs. Student Leaders will learn transferable leadership skills that will be developed over time including: decision making skills, risk assessment, facilitation skills, and how to effectively work in co-pairing all while welcoming our current incoming class. The student leadership team plays a critical role in the program’s delivery and success.

Quest leadership positions are open to all current students.

All leaders and logistics specialists accepted to the Quest program participate in the following training and leadership experiences:

  1. Wilderness First Aid Training (WFA)
  2. May – New Instructor Training held during Senior week
  3. August Leadership development training- held a week prior to Quest programs
  4. Co-facilitate two Quest programs in August
  5. Quest program debrief – held the day after all Quest programs return to campus



Quest Leadership is currently accepting applications for all leadership positions, including Instructor Trainer, Logistic Coordinator, Instructor, and Logistics positions. Applications for these positions are on a rolling basis from November 7th-December 2nd, 2022 for Trainer and Logistics Coordinator applications and December 20th – February 3rd, 2023 for all other leader positions.

To apply for a leadership position please send your application to: [email protected]​ & [email protected]
Position Descriptions
Below are the descriptions for the leadership positions.
  1. Trainer position description
  2. Logistics Coordinator/Climbing Specialist position description
  3. Instructor​​
  4. Logistics/Climbing Specialist


These are the Trainers,

Feel free to email them with your questions!

Elise Casey (she/her)
Class of 2025, Elise is a rising junior from Avon Connecticut. She is majoring in Mathematics and Music. Outside of Quest, Elise is captain of the frisbee team and a member of Chapel Singers.”I was a Quest participant my first year and immediately fell in love with the program, the people, and the community it provided. Quest is one of my favorite parts of Trinity and I could not imagine my experience here without it.”
Corinne Bolding (she/her)
Class of 202​4, Corinne is a rising senior from Northfield, Vermont. She is triple majoring in Neuroscience, Economics, and Urban Studies. On campus, Corinne is a member of the Ice Hockey team, works in the Athletic Communication Department, and is a student representative on Trinity’s Sustainability Committee. Since her freshman year, Corinne attributes Quest to be, “one of, if not the best part about my college experience. The program attracts the adventurous and creates such authentic relationships. I am incredibly grateful for the Quest program.” 
Ella Campopiano (she/her)
Class of 2024, Ella is a rising senior from Queensbury, New York. She is majoring in English and American Studies with a concentration in literature and minoring in Writing and Rhetoric. On campus, Ella is a co-leader of Trinity’s Rock-Climbing club and works at the Queer Resource Center and Writing Center. Ella has helped the Recreation Department to plan and lead climbing trips for Trinity students to Rumney, NH and New River Gorge, WV. Ella has participated in Quest since her freshman year is the Logistics coordinator. “Quest really helped me find a new appreciation for Trinity and the outdoors. The Quest community is the most supportive and kind group of people, and I am so grateful to bookend my school years with such an amazing program.”
Pedro Mateo (he/him)
Class of 2025, Pedro is a  rising junior from Immokalee, Florida. He is double majoring in Economics, Hispanic Studies and minoring in Chinese. On campus he is a sprinter on the Track & Field team, a student assistant for the Office of Financial Aid, member of the Trinity College Student Investment Fund, and member of several affinity/cultural clubs. (Athletes of Color Coalition, La Voz Latina, Men of Color Alliance) Although he did not did not participate in a pre-orientation program, Pedro says he wanted to join Quest because of “my appreciation of the outdoor community and opportunity to push myself past my discomfort. I wanted to be a mentor to first-years students and encourage people to take advantage of opportunities to grow. I love how supportive people are in Quest and how everyone brings a unique trait or characteristic that adds to the diversity and inclusivity of Quest.”
Dimosthenis Sampatakos (he/him)
Class of 2024, Dimos is a junior from Thessaloniki, Greece. His major is Biology, and he is minoring in Formal Organizations and French. Dimos is involved in running Intramural Sports, assists in research on campus, and is involved in club sports such as rock climbing. He will also be a first year mentor for the Interdisciplinary Science first year gateway program next year. Even though he was not a Quest participant his freshman year, he knew he really wanted to be in a Quest leadership position because of its great community and the opportunities it provides. “I loved the idea of being a Quest leader, because of the strong bonds among the members of its community. I really wanted to help incoming first-year students with their transition to college while also introducing them to the Quest community.”
Jay Pickering (he/him)
Class of 2025, Jay Pickering is a sophomore from Worcester, MA. He is majoring in Public Policy with a concentration in Environmental Policy and minors in Environmental Science and Italian Studies. Outside of classes, Jay is a member of the mock trial team, the rugby team, and is involved in Greek life. He participated in Quest as a freshman and knew then that he wanted to be a leader. “My leaders encouraged me to branch out and try new things. It is because of them that I am so involved around campus and I wish to provide those same opportunities for incoming students.”
Kathleen Casey (she/her)
Class of 2025, Kathleen is a Sophomore from Avon, Connecticut. She is majoring in Environmental Science and Music. Kathleen is involved in club frisbee, accapella, and greek life. Kathleen did Quest her freshmen year and immediately knew she wanted to be involved in the Quest community for her whole time at Trinity. “Quest is truly a special place on campus where you can deeply connect with people from all across campus. The bonds I made on the trail and with the people in the Quest community as a whole were truly extraordinary and stayed with my all throughout my freshmen year and beyond. I wanted to help foster a welcoming atmosphere and sense of community to the incoming freshmen in their transition to Trinity as well as help them create lasting relationships.”

Engineering the Future

By combining engineering, urban studies, and a vision for helping the public good, Joseph Orosco, Jr. ’19 is working to uncover new ways to make life in cities affordable and sustainable.