Since starting at Trinity College in 2004, Quest has trained over 300 student leaders to lead the pre-orientation program for up to 170 first-years during our August programs. Student Leaders will learn transferable leadership skills that will be developed over time including: decision making skills, risk assessment, facilitation skills, and how to effectively work in co-pairing all while welcoming our current incoming class. The student leadership team plays a critical role in the program’s delivery and success.

Quest leadership positions are open to all current students.

All leaders and logistics specialists accepted to the Quest program participate in the following training and leadership experiences:

  1. Wilderness First Aid Training (WFA)
  2. May – New Instructor Training held during Senior week
  3. August Leadership development training- held a week prior to Quest programs
  4. Co-facilitate two Quest programs in August
  5. Quest program debrief – held the day after all Quest programs return to campus


Quest Leadership is currently accepting applications for all leadership positions, including instructor trainer, logistic coordinator, instructor, and logistics positions. Applications for these positions are on a rolling basis from November–December for Trainer and Logistics Coordinator applications and December–February for all other leader positions.

To apply for a leadership position please send your application to: Kevin Johnson​ and Quin Woods

Position Descriptions

Below are the descriptions for the leadership positions.
  1. Trainer position description
  2. Logistics Coordinator/Climbing Specialist position description
  3. Instructor​​
  4. Logistics/Climbing Specialist

Quest Leader Application

These are this year’s trainers, feel free to email them with your questions!

Alley Johnson ’25 (she/her)
Alley is a rising senior from Lincolnville, Maine, majoring in anthropology and minoring in environmental science. On campus, Alley is a part of the rowing team, runs the social media for TrinThon, a club that raises money for Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, and works at Peter B’s, one of the coffee shops on campus. Alley participated in Quest her freshman year and knew she wanted to continue being involved throughout her time at Trinity. “Quest has introduced me to some of my closest friends, as well as many experiences and clubs on campus. I want to be able to provide freshman with the same amazing opportunities, relationships, and adventures that Quest gave me, with one of my most memorable experiences being hiking roughly 30 miles of the Appalachian Trail during Quest-a-thon.”
Elise McClellan ’26 (she/her)
Elise is a rising junior from Richmond, Virginia. She is double majoring in chemistry and environmental science. Off trail, she is a co-captain of Trinity’s Rock Climbing Club, a student researcher, a member and leader in campus clubs, and works as a TA and equipment manager. She was a Quest participant her freshman year and cites Quest as “the community where I found lasting college friends and enjoyed impactful outdoor adventures.” A memorable experience from Quest came from her first training trip when the group sat on a tent platform to cook and shared personal life stories. To Elise, there is no Trinity without Quest and she deeply values her part in the program’s journey.
Matty Carrozza ’26 (he/him)
Matty is a rising junior from Brookfield, CT. He is majoring in environmental science. On campus, he is a member of the wrestling team, an intern in the Career and Life Design Center, a representative for the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, and involved in Greek life. Matty has participated in Quest since his freshman year and through the many friendships, connections, and opportunities found it to be a no-brainer to want to lead trips. “Quest introduced me to a group of people and experiences that I would not have been exposed to without the welcoming nature and authenticity that this community fosters.” Matty remembers, “A memory that sticks with me is looking out onto the lake at the Upper Goose campground with my May Training group and sharing stories and laughing.”
Miguel Fuentes ’26 (he/they)
Miguel is a rising junior from Mexico City, Mexico. He is majoring in chemistry and minoring in applied math and doing a side concentration on international studies/political science. On campus, Miguel is a member of the executive board of the International House, works in admissions as a Diversity and Access Team intern, he is a Residential Advisor in one of the first-year halls, and he is involved in Greek life. As an international student, the first approach that Miguel had to a very different environment compared to where he is from was Quest and he fell in love with it. Miguel thinks that Quest helps to makes connections and long-lasting friendships with amazing people from all different places and backgrounds. He says, “Quest was an amazing way to kick off my college experience, I don’t regret it a single bit, I am so grateful for this community on campus.” Miguel continues, “My favorite experience in Quest must be when I was on my May training trip and we arrived to our last campsite that had a lake view and a dock, and we had a break to dip our toes in the water and talk for a long time while enjoying each other’s company.”
Sadie Zeiner-Morrish ’26 (she/her)
Sadie is a rising junior from Washington, NJ. She is majoring in English/creative writing with minors in classics and music. Sadie is involved in a capella, Mock Trial, club soccer, and works for the Student Advancement Office. Sadie knew she wanted to be a Quest leader since making strong friendships on her 10-day pre-orientation backpacking/rock climbing trip. A fun memory from Sadie’s Quest experience is canoeing in the Adirondacks during fall Trinity Days.
Shayla Whitaker ’25 (she/her)
Shayla is a rising senior from Queens, NY, majoring in neuroscience and minoring in community action. Shayla works at the bookstore and in the Film Department as an equipment manager. She also does research in the Neuroscience Department, looking at ion channels. Shayla is also a member of the women’s club soccer team. While thinking about her first year, Shayla said, “I was a Quest participant who had grown up in an urban area. I didn’t have much exposure to backpacking, then I went on Quest ended up loving it. I wanted to be a Quest leader to encourage incoming students to try something new, as I did, and hangout with other people that enjoy nature.”
Pedro Mateo ’25 (he/him)
Pedro is a rising senior from Immokalee, Florida, double majoring in economics and Hispanic studies and minoring in Chinese. Off the trail, Pedro is a sprinter on the varsity track and field team, involved in Greek Life, works as a student assistant at the Office of Financial Aid, and is a TA for Chinese. When asked about Quest, Pedro said, “I joined Quest because I have always been drawn to the appreciation of nature and pushing past my comfort zones. As a person who enjoys being in nature, Quest has offered me the opportunity to have adventures in the Northeast and out West while forging strong connections with people from all around the world. To add on, I enjoy the process of teaching others critical outdoor and leadership skills.” Pedro’s favorite memory from Quest is spending afternoons in camp while playing cards or exploding kittens.

Engineering the Future

By combining engineering, urban studies, and a vision for helping the public good, Joseph Orosco, Jr. ’19 is working to uncover new ways to make life in cities affordable and sustainable.