Incoming students will have the opportunity to start their Trinity College journey with a wilderness adventure on Quest, Trinity’s extended pre-orientation on the Appalachian Trail (the “AT”).

For 18 summers, Trinity College has been proud to offer the Quest Leadership Program. Few colleges or universities offer an extended wilderness adventure comparable to Quest. The program’s philosophy encourages participants to take on new challenges and responsibilities, meet other Trinity students, and transition into college.

Students will be divided into groups of six to ten participants and transported from Trinity College to the Appalachian Trail in Western New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

Previous outdoor experience is not required; two to three student instructors will teach all the basic wilderness skills necessary on the trip. Trinity College faculty, staff, and students will serve as program staff. Their responsibilities include facilitating climbs, rappels, transportation, and overall program logistics.

The different trip options allow students to participate in fall athletic practices, the P.R.I.D.E program, Venture, and the Insights into Hartford Pre-Orientation program.


Trip Options

Quest offers several trip dates and options to accommodate students who wish to participate in more than one program and for athletes to participate in the start of fall sports.


Student Leadership

Since starting at Trinity College in 2004, Quest has trained over 120 student leaders to lead the pre-orientation program for up to 140 first-years during our August programs.


The Quest Leadership & Pre-Orientation Program is an extended wilderness adventure that allows Trinity students to start their college experience on the Appalachian Trail.



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