This fundraiser and personal challenge is an event run by the Quest program to bring awareness to the Connecticut section of the Appalachian Trail, to the students leaders who give so much to the program's success, and to raise money for scholarships for future Quest participants.

Every two years members of the Quest community spend 24 hours hiking all 51.6 miles of the Connecticut section of the Appalachian Trail. This event supports the scholarships and funding for the Quest Leadership Program. The first time Quest-a-thon was offered was during the fall of 2019 on a bitterly cold weekend in November. Due to the success of this event, Quest Leaders planned it again for the fall of 2021 and then again in 2023.

Students, faculty and staff have made the commitment to bring this event to life.


Read about the Quest-a-thon successes and look up previous hikers accomplishments below:

2023 Hikers, photos

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The hike is not original with Quest, but has been adopted to serve as a fundraiser and personal challenge for both the Quest Leader and Trinity community.

  • Quest-a-thon is a 51.6m challenge, all of the CT-AT
  • The hike starts at either end of the Connecticut section of the Appalachian trail at either the NY/CT or MA/CT state line
  • Hikers can run, walk, crawl or jog any portion of the hike they want as long as they finish in 24hrs or less
  • There are eight aid stations that are strategically placed where the AT crosses various roads
  • Each aid station has a cut off time that hikers must make in order to continue