Chinese Calligraphy

The Cross Cultural Living Community (CCLC) is a living learning community located in Doonesbury Hall on Vernon Street. Please note that due to COVID, the CCLC has been moved to Vernon Place 4th Floor temporarily and will return to Doonesbury once isolation space is no longer necessary.

We’ve been proud to watch our college grow more diverse in recent years and have established this residential community to bring in students of all backgrounds who wish to build and live in a safe, self-affirming, energetic, and close-knit community. With an almost 50/50 split between international and domestic students, we provide a unique housing experience that aims to inspire and support each other through programs that explore our unique and intersecting struggles and identities.

We’re about creating connections with the local community through outings and service. We’re about culture in all its forms, whether it’s sharing your mom’s biryani recipe or transforming our dorm into a haunted house with ghosts from Mexico to Japan. If you’re reading this and digging this, we’re probably about you—Apply!


Applications are due by April 9 for current residents and for new residents.

Rooms in the CCLC in Vernon Place 4th floor are all singles either on the hall or as part of a quad. All students from all geographical backgrounds are encouraged to apply.