Greek Life has a long and proud history at Trinity College, dating back more than 165 years. Beginning with the founding of the Epsilon chapter of St. Anthony Hall Delta Psi in 1850, Greek life has expanded and changed over the years. We are home to 15 organizations, with 400+ student members, and many alumni who pride themselves on the rich traditions and storied pasts found in the halls of each of these organizations. Trinity College is home to eight fraternities, five sororities, and two co-educational organizations. About 20% of the campus makes up Trinity’s Greek organizations.

With the help of our director, Assistant Dean Trevor Beauford, Greek Life Organizations are working to support the campus through various social events along with monthly philanthropic events that entail the help of all Greek Life Organizations. In addition to our coordinated philanthropic efforts, each Greek Life Organization does a number of philanthropic events on their own that correspond to the requirements set by their national organizations.

Recruitment for the Spring of 2022 has just finished and we have brought in a great class of new members to a number of our Greek Life Organizations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The gift page will go live on September 30, 2021. If you would like to make your gift early, however, please visit us at or call our gift line at 1-800-771-6184.

In order to be equitable, we organized Greek organizations together into groups based on alumni and student population size. This means that some of our newer and smaller Greek organizations don’t need to worry about measuring up to larger ones; they are grouped together and the group’s effort is what counts.

Yes, all gifts made this academic year count toward the competition.

Yes. Your gift, regardless of the designation, will count towards the competition.

Greek Giving Week begins at 8:00 am (ET) on Thursday, September 30, 2021 and concludes at midnight (ET) on Thursday, October 7, 2021.

Yes, the minimum gift must be $5.00 in order to count toward the competition.

Multiple gifts to the same Greek organization by the same donor will only count as one gift toward the participation goal.

Donor advised fund or gifts to be matched that arrive by October 7 count towards the competition.

No. For the purpose of this competition, individuals must complete their own gift transaction to count as a donor for the competition.

Gifts made to support general Greek life count towards the Trinity College/Annual Fund.

Participate and tag us on social media! Post about Greek Giving Week. Share photos and videos, old and new. Encourage your Greek siblings to make a gift. Become an Advocate!


Greek Life

Trevor Beauford Assistant Dean of Community Life and Restorative Justice and Director of Greek Life