Trinity College takes pride in its vibrant Greek Life, a tradition spanning over 165 years. Greek life has grown to include 15 organizations, over 400 student members, and numerous proud alumni. These groups enrich our diverse campus culture, with about 20% of students involved, fostering a sense of brotherhood, sisterhood, and mutual interests.

Guided by the leadership of Assistant Director Emily Walker, our Greek Life organizations are actively working to support the campus through various social events along with monthly philanthropic events that entail the help of all Greek Life Organizations. In addition to our coordinated philanthropic efforts, each organization hosts individual charity events in line with the mandates of their national bodies as well.

At Trinity College, Greek Life is more than a social sphere. It’s a pillar of tradition, camaraderie, and a deep-seated sense of service. Our Greek Life is a caring community, committed to philanthropy and creating a lively campus culture.

To delve into the world of Greek Life at Trinity, please explore the sections listed on our navigation bar: About Us, Inter-Greek Council, Panhellenic Council, Organizations, Recruitment, Information for Parents, and Student Organization Review Committee.


Greek Life

Emily Walker Assistant Director of Greek Life