The Grants Office helps staff and administration find private funding for college programs and initiatives. Programs can be community facing or internally focused; they may be linked to research or part of the college’s effort to strengthen its ties to the surrounding neighborhood.

How we can help...

The Grants Office can help you find funders that are a good fit for your proposed project. We post funding opportunities and can help you find funders with resources such as SPIN, an external, subscription database of funders that is constantly updated.

All grant requests must be reviewed and approved by the college. We will help you with this process; start here.

As you draft your proposal and budget, the Grants Office can read and review to help shape your request so that it both serves your project and addresses funder interests and priorities. Find more here.

The Grants Office will submit your proposal, whether by mail or electronically, and will serve as the contact between the college and the potential funder. If awarded, the Grants Office will work with the business office to ensure that the proper accounts are established to receive and distribute the funds.

Funders often require reporting both during and at the completion of a project. The Grants Office will help you draft and submit these reports on time.


Corporate and Foundation Relations

Amy Myerson Senior Director of the Grants Office
203 Hamlin Hall
Trinity College
300 Summit Street
Hartford, CT 06106-3100

Access to the Grants Office requires climbing stairs. Please let us know if you'd prefer to meet somewhere else.