All grant proposals for support of research or institutional programs/projects by Trinity College faculty or staff must be reviewed internally before submission.

Trinity College policy requires that all grant proposals be submitted by the Grants Office and undergo an internal review policy prior to submission. Internal approvals begin with our electronic transmittal form, which records approval at all necessary levels. To ensure a timely submission, please send your proposal to the Grants Office 10 business days before the deadline.

Trinity College’s transmittal form is very easy to complete. Find it HERE and log in with your college credentials. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Grants Office.

Trinity's Internal Transmittal Form

The internal transmittal form records approval for all submissions for external funding. Once submitted, the form moves automatically for each required approval. After the principle investigator or project director (PI/PD) submits the form, the normal sequence is department chair, grants office, associate comptroller, and, finally, dean level approval.

The transmittal form must include a preliminary budget. Budgets are most easily done in Excel. If you need help, do not hesitate to contact us. Creating a budget is also a great way to begin to think about your project.

The sooner the better! Transmittal forms must reach the Grants Office at least 10 business days before the funder’s deadline for proposal submission. If the form arrives late, the Grants Office cannot guarantee institutional approval, and thus proposal submission. Submission more than ten business days in advance is especially recommended for government grants since this allows our office time to help you craft your proposal and catch and correct any small errors that inevitably occur during the submission process.

The transmittal form alerts the college to all externally funded projects to be sure they mesh with departmental and dean-level priorities and planning. This internal review process ensures the college can provide required matching funds and accommodate requests for leave, while providing required administrative support on award spending, reporting and audit.

Click HERE to start an internal transmittal form for your research or project.

If you have questions filling out the form, do not hesitate to call the Grants Office.


Grants Office

Mark Hughes 201 B Hamlin Hall
Trinity College
300 Summit Street
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Access to the Grants Office requires climbing stairs. Please let us know if you'd prefer to meet somewhere else.