Film Studies majors frequently pursue external internships in locations such as New York, Boston and Philadelphia, which have included The Wendy Williams Show, MTV and The Tonight Show, as well as local internships with WNPR (the local NPR station) and ESPN. Internships allow students to gain professional experience, exposure to the variety of positions available in the industry and cultivate industry connections.  One student noted that during her internship on a feature film set:

“I learned a lot about what production is like and all the work that is put into creating it. I made a lot of great connections with people on and off set. I’m most excited to keep moving forward in the film industry.”

While another student noted:

“I have seen everything that goes into making a TV show. From the tape room to the “bird’s nest” to even a rehearsal, I know it all. None of this would be possible without this internship. There are many things I have learned…how to cast and brief audience members… how to be quick and effective when working with celebrities. Lastly, working has allowed me to get advice from people that have been in the business for a very long time.”

On-campus opportunities are also available with the college communications office and volunteer opportunities are available with Cinestudio, the on-campus movie theater.

Cinematic Moments at Trinity and Beyond

Kyra Lyons ’20 always seems to have a passion for capturing the moment. Whether she's producing, shooting, and editing a documentary of cinema activists while studying abroad in Rome, Italy, or through her involvement on campus at Cinestudio and with Trinity Film Festival.