Major Declaration Form

As an interdisciplinary template major, Film Studies does not use the standard major declaration form available through the registrar’s office. Click here for a copy of the Film Studies Major Declaration Form.  Please fill out the form and email it to the Director of Film Studies prior to your meeting to declare the major.

Film Studies Senior Production Thesis Guidelines

The Senior Production Thesis Guidelines have been developed with the goal of insuring that the focus of the thesis is on the process of filmmaking, both as an educational experience and as a means of demonstrating the creative and technical skills of the student producing the work. Click here for a copy of the guidelines.

Film Studies Equipment Policies

The guidelines for the use of Film Studies equipment are designed to permit the equipment to be safely maintained and managed so that it is available and accessible to students in a fair and equitable fashion for use in Film Studies projects and course work. Click here for a copy of the Film Studies Equipment Policies