In September 2022 the Board of Trustees approved the first phase of a heating and cooling master plan for Trinity College. This plan will allow the college to modernize and decentralize our aging underground heating and cooling infrastructure, creating a more reliable and resilient system. Beginning in October 2022 and concluding in September 2024, this project will completely renovate the underground heating and cooling system that serves the south area of campus.

View of new utility plant addition to the existing Facilities Services Center (click to enlarge)

Project Work Description

  • New 2,500 square foot addition for a utility plant onto the east side of the existing Facilities Services Building
  • Installation of new underground heating and cooling pipes that serve Elton Hall, Facilities Services, Funston Hall, Jackson Hall, Jones Hall, LSC, MECC, Smith Hall, Summit Hall, Trinity Hall
  • Replacement of underground campus heating and cooling main pipe between Central Utility Plant and Austin Arts
  • Full renovation of the existing first-year residence halls courtyard

Project Outcomes

Beyond a more reliable and resilient heating and cooling system, we will also see benefits in sustainability.

  • Improve building heating and cooling distribution system safety and reliability
  • Reduce Trinity’s carbon dioxide emissions by 144 metric tons annually, equivalent to 31 gasoline-powered passenger vehicles driven for one year
  • Ability to install additional high-efficiency boilers and chillers within new utility plant in the future to supply more buildings with more reliable heating & cooling
  • Planting of 2 trees for every 1 tree removed by the project.

Construction Timeline

The project kicked off in October 2022 around the Facilities Services building with the construction of a new utility plant for the south end of campus. The project is expected to conclude in September 2024 with the replacement of underground pipes and renovations to the first-year residence halls courtyard. A more detailed project timeline can be found below.

Fall 2022–Summer 2023

  • New Utility Plant construction

Spring 2023–Summer 2024

  • Install new underground heating & cooling distribution piping

Summer 2023–Fall 2023

  • Replace existing dual temperature piping from existing Central Utility Plant to Austin Arts
    • Work requires shutdown of Ferris Roadway adjacent to south side of Austin Arts

Summer 2024

  • New Hardscape Installation in Courtyard adjacent to Funston, Jackson, Smith and Trinity Halls
    • Work requires full shutdown of first-year residence hall buildings and courtyard
Overall Construction Schedule (click to enlarge)

Impact to the Campus Community

  • Anticipated disruptions in the area include noise, dust and vibration during construction. Care will be taken to reduce noise during sensitive times during the academic year.
  • Scheduled utility shutdowns to buildings (details will be communicated closer to the scheduled occurrences).

Construction Work Area Maps

Pedestrian Access around LSC Quad (click to enlarge)
Construction Site Logistics (click to enlarge)
Overall Project Work Area October ’22 – September ’24 (click to enlarge)

Mike Gibbons Facilities Project Manager
Trinity College Facilities Services
238 New Britain Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106