Economics majors at Trinity can choose to apply the tools they developed in their courses by writing a senior thesis. This year, four students (Bora Zaloshnja, Cole Wright, Elena Pellegirni and Mary Tursi) presented on a variety of topics that showcased their critical thinking and independent work.

The topics of the theses ranged from behavioral economics experiments on cooperation and honesty, macroeconomic impacts of fiscal austerity in Latin America, as well as a labor economics thesis on paid family leave in Connecticut. The videos containing the presentations can be found in the following links.

Low-Reward Dishonesty Under Low-Monitoring: Evidence from a Field Experiment by Bora Zaloshnja

The Impact of Competition on Cooperation: Evidence from a Series of Bargaining Game Experiments by Cole Wright

The Demography of Paid Family Leave as Applied to Connecticut by Mary Tursi

Tax Hikes vs. Spending Cuts: A VAR Model of Central and Latin America by Elena Pellegrini