Peer Tutoring can help strengthen your critical thinking and active problem solving skills.

Administered by the Dean of Students Office, the Peer Tutoring NetWork is a free resource for all Trinity students. It is a supplement for other resources, including, faculty office hours, TA sessions, the Writing Center and Q Center. Tutoring occurs in one-on-one and small group sessions. To help us make the best possible match, students must complete and submit a request for a tutor.

Tap Into The NetWork

Please review the guidelines before submitting your request for a Peer Tutor. Whether you are doing well in your classes and want to do better, or you are struggling academically, the Peer Tutoring NetWork can help you maximize your academic potential.  Do NOT wait until you are in danger of failing your class to submit a request!

**NOTE** Please use your Trinity College credentials to gain access to the application for requesting a Peer Tutor. Depending on the course, we may be unable to fulfill your request for a Peer Tutor. It is essential for students to review and follow the guidelines provided. As noted in the guidelines, students should explore all resources and speak with their Professor before requesting a Peer Tutor. Requests may not be filled due to the nature of the course, or due to faculty guidelines for the course. 

Join the NetWork

Please review the guidelines before submitting your application to become a Peer Tutor. Peer Tutors reinforce study strategies, promote independent learning, and model positive constructive academic behaviors for students. Share your knowledge and connect with your peers!

**NOTE** Please use your Trinity College credentials to gain access to the application to become a Peer Tutor. 

Reasons to make use of the Peer Tutoring NetWork

  • If you are attending class regularly but feel like you are missing important points
  • If you would like to connect key concepts covered in class to those in the textbook
  • If you want help understanding the concepts behind problems discussed in class, and/or the process of solving the problems
  • If you are doing well in your classes but you want to enhance your understanding and comfort level with the course concepts
  • If you are struggling academically in one or more classes (ex. poor academic performance on a paper/assignment, midterm)

Peer Tutoring NetWork

The Bantam Network Residential Learning Community Office
Hamlin Hall 3rd Floor
300 Summit St
Hartford, CT 06106
Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Emergencies After Hours, Contact Campus Safety - (860) 297-2222