Let Your Student Take The Lead In Their Educational Experience

The Office of Student and Community Life view parents and families, as collaborative partners in the student experience. In this partnership, our role is to provide you with knowledge that will help you guide your student. This includes familiarizing you with campus resources and opportunities, as well as with our campus policies and practices.

Our office promotes an inclusive community built on respect, care, and integrity, one that encourages students to take ownership of their experience. We challenge your students to be reflective and to practice self-advocacy. As they navigate their way through Trinity, we do our best to provide them with a healthy balance of guidance and support. By combining our efforts, we can help nurture your student’s intellectual and emotional growth. Like you, our goal is to help your student remain on the path to graduation.

As you learn more about our campus, encourage your student to seek out the resources available to them on campus. Help them make decisions that best align with their personal and educational goals, as well as with our community values. Above all, before your student gets to campus, speak with them about their needs and the role they would like you to play. In other words, when do they need you to provide a listening ear, a supportive shoulder, or serve as a sounding board? Let your student take the lead. This will help foster their transition to independent adulthood.

Thank your for entrusting us with your student. We look forward to working with you!

Help Us Improve Your Students’ Trinity Experience

The most successful Trinity student, is one who builds relationships with various individuals on campus – ultimately building a network of care for themselves. Encourage your student to build a connection with a Dean, Professor, Counselor, Coach, Chaplain, or Staff member here on campus. Empower them so they feel comfortable enough to engage in self-advocacy and self-reflection. Encourage them to be proactive in their search and use of resources and services on campus.

How You Can Be A Helper

  • Learn as much as you can about the opportunities and resources offered on campus.
  • Share what you learn with your students and encourage them to sought out these resources and opportunities on their own.
  • Encourage your students to share their experiences with you – maintain an open line of communication with your student throughout their time at Trinity.
  • Ask probing questions and listen for things that may indicate your student is struggling or, they are not carrying out their responsibilities.
  • Encourage your students to take full ownership of their academic and personal experiences. Encourage them to take advantage of all Trinity has to offer!

If your student needs help or is in crisis, we listen, provide them with guidance and help them connect to the appropriate resources if needed. Please call Campus Safety at (860) 297-2222, if you believe your student is experiencing an emergency, or if you have reason to believe that a student is at risk of harming her/himself or others.


Office of Student and Community Life

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