Interdisciplinary Minor



​African American Studies ​Dr. Cheryl Greenberg ​2371
​African Studies ​Dr. Seth Markle ​4290
​Architectural Studies ​Dr. Kathleen Curran 2504
Dr. Kristin Triff ​2506
Asian Studies ​Dr. Reo Matsuzaki ​2167
Classical Antiquity ​Dr. Vincent Tomasso 2559
Classical Tradition ​Dr. Meredith Safran 4042
Cognitive Science ​Dr. Elizabeth Casserly ​2356
Community Action ​Dr. Jack Dougherty ​2296
​Film Studies ​Dr. Prakash Younger 4003
Formal Organizations ​Dr. Edward Stringham ​2437
French Studies ​Dr. Sara Kippur ​2095
​Dr. Kathleen Kete ​2449
​Dr. Karen Humphreys 4237
German Studies ​Dr. Johannes Evelein 2490
Human Rights Studies Dr. Maurice Wade ​2417
Italian Studies Dr. Dario Del Puppo ​2379
Jewish Studies ​Dr. Ronald Kiener ​2425
​Latin American Studies ​Dr. Rosario Hubert ​2148
Legal Studies ​Dr. Adrienne Fulco 2435
Literature & Psychology ​Dr. Katherine Lahti ​2378
Marine Studies ​Dr. Amber Pitt ​2239
Medieval & Renaissance Studies ​Dr. Jean Cadogan ​2505
​Middle East Studies ​Dr. Kifah Hanna ​2230
​Models & Data* ​Dr. Paula Russo ​2284
​Mythology ​Dr. Tamsin Jones ​2567
​Rhetoric, Writing, and Media Studies ​Dr. Tennyson O’Donnell ​2206
​Russian Studies ​Dr. Carol Any ​2169
​Studies in Progressive American Social Movements ​Dr. Diane Zannoni ​2488
​Urban China Studies ​Dr. Yipeng Shen ​2167
​Urban Studies ​Dr. Garth Myers ​4273
​Women, Gender & Sexuality ​Dr. Robert Corber ​5340
 *As of 7/1/2019, this minor is phasing out and students may no longer elect it.