In Spring 2010, Fall 2010, and Spring 2011, the CTL emailed out weekly teaching tips on a variety of topics related to teaching and learning in higher education. Below is an archive of these teaching tips.

Week 1

First-Day Questions for the Learner-Centered Classroom
First Day of Class: What Can/Should We Do?
Tips for Teaching on the First Day of Class

Week 2

Strategies to Promote a Deep Approach to Reading
Teaching with Reading Journals
Reflection Exercise on a Course’s “Big Question”

Week 3

10 Strategies for Effective Discussion Leading
What’s the Use of Lectures?
Active Learning

Week 4

Facilitating Help-Seeking
Motivating Students to Do the Reading
The No-Fault Quiz

Week 5

How to Handle Unprepared Students
What is Universal Design?
Tip for Teachers: Twenty Ways to Make Lectures More Participatory

Week 6

Hoopless Jumping
Constructing Effective Exams
How Student Evaluations Can Help You Most

Week 7

Some Different Types of Questioning
How Student Evaluations Can Help You Most
Types of Tests

Week 8

Alternative Testing Modes
Part I – Testing and Grading
Using Rubrics to Grade

Week 9

Cooperative Learning – Students Working in Small Groups
Part II – Testing and Grading

Week 10

Encouraging Students to Stay Up-to-Date in their Work
[When usual classroom behaviors spill over to become] Difficult behaviors in the Classroom
Motivating Students: 8 Simple Rules

Week 11

How to Keep Your Students Thinking
Understanding Prejudice: Teaching Tips for College Instructors
Defining and Avoiding Plagiarism: The WPA Statement on Best Practices

Week 12

Going the Extra Mile
Preventing and Detecting Plagiarism
Writing Your First Letter of Recommendation

Week 13

Techniques for Responding
Better Endings: What to Do in the Last Day of Class

Week 14

Constructing Effective Exams
End of Semester Grading
Better Endings: What to Do in the Last Day of Class

Week 15

Seven Principles of Good Practice in Undergraduate Education – unabridged
How to Design a Learner-Centered Syllabus
Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education – Abridged