In collaboration with the Office of Sustainability, CTL is pleased to provide some resources related to sustainability and environmental issues.

YouTube webinars

  • Fashion institute of Technology – In this panel, faculty members share their insight on incorporating sustainability into the curricula and offer guidance in creating and updating courses.
  • University of Queensland – This panel focuses on using UN Sustainability Development Goals that should be incorporated into the curricula and discuss practical ways of doing so.

Helpful websites

  • Vanderbilt – This website aims to provide valuable insight in effectively incorporating sustainability into their teaching across various disciplines. It offers strategies and tips to engage students in understanding various environmental problems.
  • Carleton – This website provides information about integrating sustainability through an interdisciplinary perspective and using real world examples and pedagogical approaches to the subject.
  • AASHE and   Scholar Exchange – Tips to incorporate sustainability into the curriculum to foster a holistic approach to ecological education and build ecological awareness.
  • ACS – This paper discusses the relevance and importance of integrating sustainability into chemistry education through interdisciplinary approaches and using chemistry to address environmental challenges.
  • University of British Columbia – This article contains insight into effectively integrating sustainability content in first year courses and has relevant information addressing challenges associated with course structure along with various case studies.

Click here to check out the books on Sustainability and Teaching available in the CTL Library!