According to professional ethics and Connecticut and federal law, except in circumstances of imminent danger, all contact with the Counseling and Wellness Center staff is privileged and confidential. Members of the Center staff can not reveal to anyone, inside or outside the college, any information about someone being seen in the Center, even whether the individual has come to the Center, without a signed release from the student.

We understand that parents are concerned about their son or daughter who may be in treatment and may wish to inquire about their progress or condition. While a member of the professional staff other than the one treating their son or daughter is always willing to speak to parents in general about the problems of college students, we must respect the student’s legal and ethical right not to have us discuss their particular situation with parents, roommates, teachers, or other College officials, again except in the case of imminent danger to the student or others. This policy allows us to provide a safe confidential environment ensuring positive working relationships with our student clients.