The Counseling and Wellness Center is committed to the health and wellness of Trinity students beyond the walls of the Counseling and Wellness Center. We are eager to engage with the Trinity community through a variety of events designed to provide psychoeducational and prevention programming, workshops and trainings, and can address a wide range of themes, including stress management, mindfulness, perfectionism, improving communication, relationships issues, sports psychology and performance enhancement, substance use, self-care, and other topics upon request.

Social Justice Framework

At the Counseling and Wellness Center, we are committed to promoting social justice across campus. This means that we believe in the full and equal participation of all groups on our college campus. We believe that our college community should provide physical and psychological safety to all members. We know that discrimination and disparities in access to resources exist throughout our society, including college campuses, and that these are direct contributors to mental illness. Students also bring their histories of experiencing discrimination and disparities to campus with them. At the counseling center, we have a responsibility to address injustice in our students’ lives both on and off the campus. Through our outreach efforts, we hope to understand the systems involved in our students’ lives so we can intervene if these systems perpetuate injustice.

Supporting Transgender Students

In a challenging political climate, we are aware that many of our campus may be impacted by laws and policies that dictate rights for transgender people. We are committed to anti-discrimination protections for transgender students. We respect students’ pronouns and names which confirm their gender identity.

Supporting International Students

As global conflict continues around the world, we are aware that students may experience confusion, stress, anxiety and fear. International students, Muslim students, students with concerns about their own or their family’s documentation status and students who feel targeted are welcome at the counseling center. We are committed to providing you with a safe and affirming space.

If you feel your student organization, class or faculty/staff community would benefit from our programs, please feel free to let us know.