Find the right level of language study for you through consultation with faculty and our placement and proficiency exams.

You may take Greek or Latin to fulfill the College Second Language Requirement.

If you’ve never studied Greek or Latin before, feel free to start with us! We offer Latin 101 every fall, and Greek 101 every spring. There are no prerequisites for these introductory-level courses.

If you have studied Greek before, please contact Assistant Professor Vincent Tomasso to determine your placement and/or proficiency.

If you have studied Latin before, please take our placement exam over the summer and/or our proficiency exam on campus. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Associate Professor Martha Risser.

  • The placement exam helps us to determine the best fit for you within our sequence of language courses; you may take this exam online from wherever you are.
  • The proficiency exam determines whether you’ve already achieved the level of competency that fulfills the college second language requirement; this exam must be taken on campus in a proctored setting.

The On-Campus Language Proficiency Exam is offered three times a year:

  • during Orientation
  • before pre-registration in the fall
  • before pre-registration in the spring.

If the next round of testing is not yet posted, please check this page again later for times and locations.