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Community Learning Research Fellows Present Projects with Hartford Partners

The Center for Hartford Engagement and Research is pleased to share final research posters from the Fall 2022 Community Learning Research Fellows! This competitive program allows selected students with previous community engagement experience to challenge their learning by taking on research or creative projects grounded in the value of mutual benefit: students deepen their learning and their project advances the goals of Hartford community partners.

Community Learning posted by Emma Hersom '24

Reflecting on Community Engaged Research Experiences with Emma Hersom ‘24

The moment I first stepped foot on Trinity College’s campus, I was struck by the campus’s seamless immersion with the city of Hartford and its connections with the communities that call Hartford home. I applied for the Spring 2021 Liberal Arts Action Lab as a first step toward working with the Hartford community as a student. My experience with the Liberal Arts Action Lab was so fulfilling that by the end of the following semester, I applied to the Community Learning Research Fellows program to continue my commitment to community engagement and research.

Community Learning posted by Emma Hersom '24

Incarceration and the Right to Vote: An International Comparative Study

Community Learning Research Fellow Emma Hersom ‘24 with Community Partner James Jeter, Full Citizens Coalition & Faculty Sponsor Professor Anna Terwiel  Spring 2022, Trinity College, Hartford CT Introduction  Constitution of the United States ...

Community Learning posted by Abby Nick '24

The Benefits of Guaranteed Basic Income: Lessons from Advocates

Abby Nick ‘24, Community Learning Research Fellow Community Partner Maddie Granato, Connecticut Women’s Education and Legal Advocacy Fund And Faculty Sponsor Professor Chambers Spring 2022, Trinity College, Hartford CT

Community Learning posted by Alberlis Hernandez '23

Visualizing Referral Trends with the CT Office of Early Childhood

In spring 2022 I received the opportunity to partner with the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood for independent research. My community partner and I realized there is a need for data visualization where OEC can use their data to actively drive decisions, specifically for their 2-1-1 and Child Development Infoline (CDI) referral services. For my research, I created visualizations of current public data from OEC and presented trends over time. I hope my research raises questions about meaningful data collection that can benefit OEC with time.