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Through the collective experiences of this extraordinary community, we define the spirit that makes us distinctly Trinity. Over the course of the Bicentennial year, we will collect 200 stories of our people, places, and this liberal arts education—some personal, some from existing publications. We invite you to join and share this communal storytelling project.

Raether Library, 1978.

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A Relationship Etched in Lime

Having met as undergraduates, the Lorings continue to feel grateful for relationships and experiences that began at Trinity.

The Lorings

One Anniversary Leads to Others

While recently marking Trinity’s 200th anniversary, a group of alumni paused to celebrate personal commitments to the future. Nearly two dozen married alumni renewed their wedding vows in the Trinity College Chapel on June 10.

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Epic Tales of Trinity's Impact on a Family

“There seems to never have been a time when I didn’t know U2 because of the stories [my uncle] told about that concert,” writes Melissa Kotulski M’05.

Melissa Kotulski

A Muddy Main Quad

Allyn Magrino ’85 recalls the impact Hurricane Gloria made on her in the fall of 1985.

Allyn Magrino ’85

Main Quad memories: barbecues, walking along the Long Walk with friends, sledding down the hill with trays from the dining hall when the College was closed for a blizzard, clambakes during Reunion Weekend.

Jeffrey Coleman ’01
the long walk in fall

A Conversation on the Main Quad

Brendan McGowan ’06 remembers a conversation on the Main Quad from the fall of his senior year.

Brendan McGowan
Funston Courtyard

My Favorite Place

Scott Cassie 82 on the oasis of green calm provided by the Funston Courtyard.

Scott Cassie ’82
Susan Thomas Schlett ’84 talks with a student.

Bringing the Society of Women Engineers to Trinity

Susan Thomas Schlett ’84 writes about her journey as an engineering major and her role in helping Trinity secure a SWE charter and ABET accreditation.

Susan Thomas Schlett ’84

Anti-war Dissent at Trinity, 1969-73

Steve Barkan ’73 remembers actions students took to protest the Vietnam War during his years on campus.

Steve Barkan ’73
clipping from the Trinity Tripod with the headline, UNDEFEATED! Bantams top NESCAC, Embarrass Wesleyan.

Always Play to the Whistle

Matt Glasz ’04, co-captain on the Bantam football team, recalls the undefeated season in the fall of 2003.

Matt Glasz ’04

Trinity Families

Consuelo Pedro ’15, Elena-Marie Pedro ’17, and Anneliese Pedro ’20, who hail from Trinidad and Tobago in the southern Caribbean, all majored in the sciences at Trinity.

The Pedro Family
The final exam blue books of Dutch Barhydt '81, M'04, P'08 and Hilary Chittenden Barhydt M'04, P'08.

My Favorite Place

Dutch Barhydt ’81, M’04, P’08 shares fond memories of McCook Auditorium.

Dutch Barhydt ’81

A Unique Moment in Time

“My education, I discovered, was to be found not only in Trinity’s classrooms but literally in everything that happened in the building of relationships that would describe a Trinity life, even the strangest of encounters.”

Michael Schulenberg ’63

Best memory of the Main Quad: Playing a concert as part of the Brass Quintet from the balcony of the Chapel in concert with the carillons. 

Jason Jacobson ’77
Austin Arts Center

My Favorite Place

Bob Ebinger 67 reflects on the role the Austin Arts Center played in his time at Trinity.

Bob Ebinger ’67

Hidden Words

Jim Robertson 69 recounts the story of a friendly contest among biochemistry classmates.

Jim Robertson ’69
Graduation day 1963: Those in the picture are Ted Stier, Charlie McGill, Bob Kirk, Eddie Roberts, Rick Nygard, me, and Stone Coxhead. We were all members of Delta Phi. I was president.

Memories of Trinity

The Bicentennial resurrects fond memories of Trinity for Stan Marcuss ’63 that continue to this day.

Stan Marcuss ’63

Trinity Families

Years before any of them knew they would attend Trinity, Alfred J. Koeppel’s three children had a tradition on the Main Quad.

The Koeppel Family

My Favorite Professor

Rick Zedník 93 writes about the lasting impact of Professor Joan Hedrick and Women’s Studies 101.

Rick Zedník ’93

Trying Out for the Team

Mike Vitale ’73 on the life lesson learned while trying out for the freshman baseball team in 1970.

Mike Vitale ’73

Main Quad Memories

Brendan Clark ’21 recalls time spent working with the Tripod, outdoors.

Brendan Clark ’21

[My favorite place was] Mather Dining Hall. This was where everyone would just relax, share funny stories, tease one another, and make each other laugh. We would also strategize about planning informal social activities together.

Jeffrey Coleman ’01
Trinity Tripod newspaper cover with two stories br Brendan McGowan

Reporting for the Tripod

Brendan McGowan 06 shares memories of being a news writer at-large for TheTrinity Tripod.

Brendan McGowan ’06

Four College Buddies at Trinity College: A Poem about Finding Oneself Again

Rabbi Paul Kipnes ’85 reflects on the occasion of four college roommates gathered for a guys weekend.

Rabbi Paul Kipnes ’85

My Favorite Professor

Allyn Cross Magrino ’89 remembers Professor Kenneth Lloyd-Jones.

Allyn Cross Magrino ’89

My favorite place at Trinity was the football field. I was with classmates who share my love of that game.

Ian Y. Bennett ’62

Memories of 1951

David Hoag ’55 shares his memories of the Main Quad

David Hoag ’55

My favorite place is the Crypt Chapel.

K. Sandy Leighton '04

[My favorite place on campus was] our junior year Jarvis suite living room, with the amazing windows onto the Long Walk.

Eileen Kern ’81