My favorite place was, and still is, the Funston Courtyard. This oasis of green calm is nestled between Clement Chemistry Building and the library. The steps with the then-working fountain leading up to the quad and library entrance were the favorite path from my freshman room in Jones Hall.

The Clement building’s first-floor windows of my freshman chemistry course with Dr. Henry DePhillips looked out onto this beautiful gem. I remember looking out those windows as the seasons changed. New England autumn color gave way to silent snowfall, and then dogwood blossoms announced spring. That view would always generate within me a relaxing joy and a smile in the midst of navigating the rest of my hectic freshman year.

Therefore, when our 40th Reunion Dinner was scheduled to be held in the Funston Courtyard, I felt that it was channeling my personal Trinity karma. We enjoyed a great night in this intimate outdoor space. That relaxing joy and smile returned to me, these many years later.

Funston Courtyard