I was a news writer at-large for TheTrinity Tripod. It was such a phenomenal opportunity to experience and report on major events on campus, to hone my writing, and to collaborate with a team. It was immensely gratifying to pick up the paper and see two front-page stories I had penned the week before. 

The experience reinforced to me the importance of absolute accountability and integrity. As a news writer, my stories were often prominently featured. I needed to report accurately, which means that I had to retain key details and facts—and be able to convey them in an objective and intriguing way. It was a hard-won skill, something that I continue to refine to this day.  

The Tripod helped provide me with some of the journalistic chops that I later applied as a writer at CIO Magazine, a global information technology periodical. It started my interest in creating valuable content for widespread audiences, and I am grateful for the experience.