200 Stories

Through the collective experiences of this extraordinary community, we define the spirit that makes us distinctly Trinity. Over the course of the Bicentennial year, we will collect 200 stories of our people, places, and this liberal arts education—some personal, some from existing publications. We invite you to join and share this communal storytelling project.

Raether Library, 1978.

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Cultural Houses Open Door to Understanding

As of the Bicentennial, there are three cultural houses: La Eracra, Asian American Students Association, and Umoja, that continue in conjunction with other important efforts.

Brief History of the Cultural Houses

Academic Advising an Asset at Trinity

Academic advising has a powerful place on the list of what makes Trinity’s liberal arts education so valuable, said Irene Papoulis, director of Academic Advising and Faculty Development.

On Academic Advising

Two Institutions Mark Milestones in Their Global Reach

Founded at Trinity College by two faculty members and President Henry A. Perkins at the helm, the Connecticut World Affairs Council is now celebrating its 100th anniversary and shared a mission of helping “navigate the global world we live in.”

Global Reach

Be Noisy About What Makes Trinity, Trinity, says Admissions Dean

Trinity has substantial grounding to take pride in what we do best, but at this bicentennial moment, there is opportunity to celebrate what makes the College distinct.

Be Noisy

The Future of Libraries: Embracing Change in the Digital Age

The physical book, once the cornerstone of libraries, now shares its prominence with digital resources.

Change in the Digital Age
Trinity College post office at registration time, Mather Hall

Marvin Peterson ’60

When Trinity marked 50 years of coeducation, it sparked a realization in Marvin Peterson ’60. He may be the only remaining member of the Board of Trustees from that era.

Marvin Peterson ’60

Hitting Milestones

In 2002, the women’s squash team became the first non-Ivy League school to win a College Squash Association Team Championship, defeating Harvard University, 5-4.

Women’s Squash

Taking the Ice

Women’s ice hockey began as a club team in 1995 and won its first game 3-2 against the Connecticut Lady Lightning.

Trinity College Women’s Ice Hockey Through Time

Eye on the Ball

The women’s basketball team had its best-ever record in 2022-23 , winning 25 games and losing just  6.

Trinity College Women’s Basketball Through Time

Lily Mellitz ’26

My friends and I were eating dinner in Mather when someone shouted that it was snowing. We grabbed our coats and hats and rushed outside to see the first snowflakes of the season.

Lily Mellitz ’26