Dear Trinity Students:

During your undergraduate career, the relationships you forge with other students will serve
as the bonds that shape our community and hold it together. Your interactions must be guided
by principles of care, honesty, integrity, and civility. Together, we must foster inclusivity,
promote agency, and create an environment conducive to our personal and collective growth
and success.

All students should aspire to lead bold, engaged, and transformative lives, that add value to
our shared community. The community standards guidelines, policies and procedures found
in this handbook are presented to you as a foundation on which to structure your daily
interactions. You are responsible for reading, understanding, and observing these guideline,
policies, and procedures. Should you have a question, we strongly encourage you to connect
with your Residential Learning Coordinators to discuss the values and
communal principles we uphold as a College. They can speak with you individually or in
groups and always welcome opportunities to engage in thoughtful discussions about the
principles represented by the college’s policies.

We continue our important work on the Campaign for Community, an institutional effort to
discern and create the community that we wish to be. At its core, our work is to develop a
strong community that is inclusive, respectful, caring, and healthy. We remain committed to
creating and maintaining learning, living and working environments that are safe, equitable,
accessible and inclusive for all members of our community. We ask that you and your peers
commit to participate in and feel empowered to lead these conversations. You and your peers
help shape the culture of our community. Your engagement in thoughtful discussions and
interactions with each other defines our campus climate.

Immediately following this letter, you will find our Integrity Contract. Every year new
students sign it and each day students live it. This contract represents a commitment by
students to maintain the highest standards of academic integrity and to realize their potential
as mature and caring adults. Every student has the capacity at Trinity to self-govern and, to
accomplish this, must hold herself/himself/themselves, and each other, accountable to our
community standards.

Your active support of these policies and community standards along with your participation
in the vibrant and diverse life of our college will move Trinity toward an inclusive community.
We wish you the best in the coming year.


Dr. Jody T. Goodman
Dean of Student Life and Director of The Bantam Network

Robert P. Lukaskiewicz
Dean of Community Life and Standards


Section I. Academic Policies

In this section you will learn about the College’s policies regarding Confidentiality & Student Records, How information is released to parents, Intellectual Honesty, and the Leave of Absence & Voluntary Withdrawal Policy.


Section II. Financial Policies

Consult this section to learn about the College’s Financial Regulations, How to pay your College Bills & The Office of Student Accounts, The College’s Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy & The Office of Financial Aid, Trinity’s Refund Policy, How to Withdraw from Residential Contracts, and the regulations for Meal Plan Participation & Refunds.


Section III. Health, Safety, & Parking Policies

From this section you will learn who to contact at Trinity in case of an Emergency. You will also learn about Trinity’s Health & Safety Regulations, Vehicle Protection & Motor Vehicle Regulations, and the Student Bill of Rights in Regard to Campus Safety


Section IV. College Policies

This section concerns the College Regulations & Student Community Standards process, including the College’s Alcohol & Drug Policies. Trinity’s Amnesty Policies, the Policy Statement on Discrimination, General Harassment & Abuse, and information on Sexual Assault Awareness, Education & Prevention are discussed in this section. You will also learn about the Title IX Officer, the Accommodation Policy for Students, the College’s Nondiscrimination statements, and the Procedures for Grievances against Students, Administration & Staff.


Section V. Bantam Network Residential Learning Community Policies & Guidelines

Within this section are the Bantam Network Residential Learning Community’s Communal Principles, Information on Medical & Vaccine Compliance, Room & Furniture Condition Guidelines & Personal Property Liability/Insurance Coverage. Also included in this section is information on Community Standards within the Residential Communities, Living in a Respectful Community, Lounge Use, and Trinity’s Pet Policy within the Residential Communities. Finally, you will learn about The Bantam Network Residential Learning Communities policies regarding Noise, Guests, Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking within Residential Facilities, Residential Safety, Fire Safety, and Prohibited Items. Potential Sanctions, as related to the Community Standards Process, are discussed at the end of this section.


Section VI. Student Organizations & Campus Event Guidelines

Learn about Student Organization Regulations & Procedures, the Student Government Association, The Student-Athlete Social Responsibility Policy, Recreational Guidelines & Responsibilities, and Social Affairs Regulations & Event Approval. In this section you will also learn about Poster & Banner Regulations, How to Reserve and Use College Facilities, Student Businesses, and the Regulations on Events with Alcohol that take place Off Campus.