The Trinity Residential Community houses first-year students in the Book, Brownell, Elms, and Olmsted Nests.

Location: On Summit Street; Next to the Health Center and across from the Jackson Residential Community

Size: consists of singles, two-room doubles (two singles with a connecting and lockable door), and quads with individual bedrooms and a common room. The building is connected to Jackson via a bridge/lounge. 

Format: Co-ed (Note: The first floor is male only)

Community Mentors: There are three Resident Advisors and two P.R.I.D.E. Leaders residing in Trinity

Floor Plans:
First floor
Second floor
Third floor

Room Dimensions*:

Type of Room Dimensions
Single 14ft x 9ft
Two-Room Double 14ft x 9ft
Quad 11ft x 8ft

*Dimensions are approximate examples; there are variations in sizes of rooms throughout each building