Home to The Fred Pfeil Community Project (The Fred).

The Fred provides a unique housing experience for upper-year students who are committed to putting on alternative, non-exclusive events every Friday night, creating engaging groups based on students’ interests that are open to all, and providing a common free-space area for the entire college community. Learn more about The Fred here

Students interested in this residential community must complete a separate application.

  • Location: Across from the Summit North and Summit South Residential Communities
  • Size: There are 5 floors in Summit East. Rooms in this community are organized as single bedrooms and quads.
  • Format: Co-ed 
  • Community Mentors: There is one Community Advisor residing in Summit East
  • Room Dimensions: **Dimensions are approximate examples; there are variations in sizes of rooms throughout each building**. 
  • Floor Plans:
    Second Floor
    Third Floor
    Fourth Floor
    Fifth Floor
    Sixth Floor​
Type of Room Dimensions
Single: **Students residing in single rooms share a community bathroom** 8ft 8in x 9ft
Quad: **Contains a common room and private bathroom** TBD