Finding the right rental can be hard. Beyond finding roommates and making payments, there are laws, rights, and much more information that needs to be understood when renting. Please use this list of resources learn about everything involved in renting or to answer any question you have!

Finding the Right Rental & Roommates

Landlord/ Tenant Rights

Renter’s Protection (COVID update)

Property & Renter’s Insurance,property%20and%20decides%20to%20sue.

Avoid Rental Scams

Landlord Housing Agreement

The BNRLC recommends you have a housing agreement with your roommate as well. A roommate agreement is more personal, It can help set boundaries and a precedent for what each roommate is expecting from the year.


Living on your own means you will be in charge of your finances. If you are not careful, your money could get away from you. Here are some tips for budgeting while going to college and living off-campus.

Common Questions to Ask the Landlord: