Class Agent Role & Responsibilities

Being a class agent and serving your school is really simple. We ask you to:

  • Make a Trinity College Fund Gift. All Agents must make a gift/pledge before they start soliciting.
  • Solicit Classmates. Reach out via email, phone, text, or in person.
  • “Sign” Solicitation Letters/Emails. Agents serve as the signatories for solicitation letters (2x/year) and for solicitation emails.
  • Utilize the Class Agent Portal. Class agents will have access to an online platform with real time information and updates on class giving, as well as classmates’ contact information.
  • Participate in Quarterly Class Agent Calls. Conference calls update you on Trinity news and answer any questions you have about solicitations.
  • Thank Donors. Expressing Trinity’s appreciation is an essential volunteer responsibility.

And that’s it! Class agents focus their outreach during three pivotal times of the year:
December – Calendar Year End
March – In preparation for Giving Day
June – The last month before the fiscal year ends


You’re not alone though! You can expect the following from your Trinity College Fund liaison:

  • Educational materials on the purpose and importance of the Trinity College Fund
  • Updates and information on campus news, events, and important dates
  • Drafts of all solicitation letters/emails and sample outreach emails and phone/voicemail scripts
  • Class giving history and contact information
  • Hands-on support with training, questions, and targeting/solicitation strategies


Why sign up to be a class agent? To support and thank our volunteers, Trinity College provides class agents:

  • Insider college information and access to key Trinity staff members
  • An invitation to Long Walk Societies events
  • An invitation to the Volunteer Pre-Game Brunch at Homecoming
  • A broader network through alumni connections

Trinity College Fund Staff Contacts

If you’d like to volunteer as a class agent, or simply want to learn more, contact your Trinity College Fund liaison.

Classes of 1951-1961, 1964, 2002-2004
Katie Kelly

Classes of 1962, 1963, 1966-1974
Theresa Kidd

Classes of 1975-1986, 2006-2008
Liz Hanusovsky Patterson ’05

Classes of 1987-2001, 2005
Allison Grebe

Classes of 2009-2019
Mariana Garcia