Class Agent Roles & Responsibilities

Bantams who volunteer through the Trinity College Fund stay in touch with classmates, update them on the life of the college, and help raise money that directly supports the work of Trinity faculty and students.

Volunteering for your school as a fundraiser can take different forms.

Head Agents

Volunteers who would like to have a more active role may sign up to be a Head Agent. These volunteers lead the charge each year by recruiting and managing a team of Class Agents and Associate Class Agents. Head Agents work with the Trinity College Fund office to set annual goals for the class (dollars raised and participation).

Learn more about being a Head Agent.

Class Agents

The majority of fundraising volunteers are Class Agents, who solicit their classmates.

Learn more about being a Class Agent.

Assistant Class Agents

Bantams who wish to lend their name to solicitations, but do not wish to directly solicit their classmates, may become an Assistant Class Agent.

Learn more about being an Assistant Class Agent.

Solicitation Schedule

Class agents focus their outreach during three pivotal times of the year:
December – Calendar Year-End
March – In preparation for Giving Day
June – The last month before the fiscal year ends

Trinity College Fund Staff Contacts

If you’d like to volunteer as a class agent, or simply want to learn more, contact your Trinity College Fund liaison.

Classes of 1954-1959, 1961-1964, 2007-2009
Katie Kelly

Classes of 1960-1962, 1965-1975
Theresa Kidd

Classes of 1978-1991
Liz Hanusovsky Patterson ’05

Classes of 1992-2006
Allison Grebe

Classes of 2010-2022
Sami Ashton