Will there be a Reunion celebration on-campus in June 2021?
Out of continued concern for the health and safety of our community, we are unable to host any on-campus events for Reunion this year.

When will the Reunion 2021 classes be able to celebrate their Reunion?
We hope to plan an on-campus combined Reunion for the Reunion 2021 and Reunion 2022 classes in June of 2022. We will convene joint planning committees consisting of members of both celebrating classes of each Reunion when planning for Reunion 2022 begins.   

Reunion 2020 was originally postponed, and was supposed to take place in June 2021? Will Reunion 2020 be celebrated?
Rather than postponing Reunion 2020 for a second time, we are working with the Reunion 2020 planning committees to plan a Virtual Reunion Weekend this spring. More information about Virtual Reunion events is available on the Virtual Reunion 2021 website.

Has a date been set for the Reunion 2022 joint celebration?
Reunion Weekend 2022 is scheduled to take place June 9-12, 2022. Information about the weekend will be posted on this website and shared with all alumni in the Reunion 2021 and Reunion 2022 class years.

Where can I look for updates about Reunion 2021 or Reunion 2022?
Updates about virtual offerings in 2021 and information about Reunion 2022 will be shared as available on the Reunion website and through the Alumni Relations social media accounts. We will also share all updates with alumni in Reunion years by email. 

Where can I find more information about the college’s response to the COVID-19 situation?
You can stay informed about the college’s response to COVID-19 by visiting the college’s advisories website. 

I still have questions or suggestions about Reunion. Who should I reach out to?
Please visit our Reunion Staff page to determine which staff member works with your Reunion year, or reach out to Michelle Deluse ’12, M’16 at michelle.deluse@trincoll.edu with general inquiries.