Many alumni enjoy including an on-campus overnight stay as a part of their weekend experience.

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Housing assignments are finalized shortly before guests arrive on campus and remain subject to change just prior to the start of the weekend. Whenever possible, members of each Reunion class are assigned rooms in the same residence hall, and the college makes every effort to accommodate mutual requests from alumni to be housed near each other.

The College creates a tentative plan for on-campus housing organized by class year based on anticipated reservation numbers and residence hall availability. Below is the current plan for housing arrangements, which remains subject to change in response to actual reservation numbers per class and residence hall conditions at the conclusion of the academic term. The locations below are not guaranteed. 

  • Alumni who graduated in 1974 or earlier: The Long Walk
  • Alumni who graduated between 1975 and 2018: Crescent Street
  • Alumni who graduated in 2019 or earlier: Hansen Hall

While there are a lot of advantages to staying on campus for the weekend, residence halls lack many amenities travelers become accustomed to in hotels! We encourage you to think back to your days living on campus while deciding if you’d like to stay in a residence hall or at a hotel.

Staying in a residence hall on campus is a great option because it is:
  • nostalgic and fun;
  • a quick and convenient “commute” to early morning breakfasts and from late night events on campus;
  • easy to connect with classmates staying nearby before, after, and in between Reunion programming;
  • cost-effective. Since on-campus housing is offered for a flat rate per adult for a two-night stay, with nominal fees for adding a Thursday night check-in (for those who qualify) or children, and discounts for young alumni, it can be significantly more affordable than a hotel stay.
We recommend booking a hotel stay if:
  • you want or need a private bathroom, since all residence halls have shared restrooms;
  • climate control is a top priority. Very few residence halls have air conditioning, and those that do cannot be adjusted by room;
  • you’ll be arriving very late in the evening. Check-in hours are still TBD for Reunion Weekend 2023, but in 2022 check-in concluded on Thursday at 8:00 p.m., Friday at midnight, and Saturday at 10:00 p.m.;
  • hotel-style amenities are important to you. Residence halls are designed for students to furnish for themselves and are outfitted with sparse and basic furniture, lighting, mattresses, window dressings, etc. For reference, take a look at the list of suggested items to pack from Reunion Weekend 2022
  • you have specialized health, safety, or accessibility concerns. The campus is prepared to accommodate common requests like limited stairs, access to refrigeration, etc., but may not have access to rooms that can accommodate complex or specialized requests.

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