Parents of Trinity alumni continue to make a difference, even decades after their children have graduated.

Students at Trinity College have long found support from its community. While much of that support comes from alumni; parents of current students and parents of alumni have shown a tremendous commitment to Trinity. Whether they serve the college through volunteership or philanthropy, there is a vital contingent of Bantam families who provide support that benefits all Trinity students. Moreover, these families illustrate the lasting relationships with a vibrant community, forged through a Trinity education.  

What makes this enduring dedication to Trinity so important for families whose children have graduated? For many, it’s about the experience their children had at a critical moment in their lives. Recently, the college received a new commitment from a parent of two Trinity alumni who, thirty years after her last child left the college, had a realization. “Both of my kids had strong support in everything they did while they were at Trinity. It was an important part of their lives,” said the donor. Her children graduated in 1987 and 1991, and while she is proud to make her gift, she wishes to remain anonymous. After revising her estate plans and considering what she wished to prioritize as important institutions in her life, Trinity came to mind immediately. The college nurtured her children’s interests, fostered close friendships, and supported their pursuits. Now, they have carried this experience with them into adulthood. She considered the extraordinary experience her children had at Trinity, and realized she had an opportunity to make a difference  

The donor reflected on a memory of the college that led to her decision: “Trinity’s Dean of Admissions at that time was Don Dietrich, and he had a philosophy about students. He said you should take a chance on a student because of what they’ve shown they can overcome.” For this parent, that philosophy was particularly meaningful, and helped shape her intentions for her gift. “I want Trinity to take a chance on a student that might not otherwise be able to go there without a little extra help,she said. Her gift will honor the ways Trinity fostered the success in her own children, and will offer other students the opportunity to overcome challenging circumstances and excel at the college. Put simply, a scholarship at Trinity is this donor’s way of “paying it forward.”  

For the college, support like this donor’s is particularly important. Parents of alumni who continue to give to the college are responsible for nearly half of total annual parent donors. Financial aid has become more critical than ever, as students who may have previously been able to afford more of their education may have greater burdens due to the COVID-19 crisis. Financial aid gives Trinity admissions the flexibility to admit students who are exceptional in their qualifications, but limited in their financial capacity. For families of Trinity graduates, an endowed scholarship fund will provide support to students in perpetuity, helping countless future generations of Bantams. Parent contributions to financial aid, programming, athletics, and more, offer a vital infusion of funds that help to continue Trinity’s legacy of exceptional liberal arts education. In turn, a scholarship gift honors the lifelong relationship between a family and Trinity’s community.  

“I want Trinity to take a chance on a student that might not otherwise be able to go there without a little extra help.”

Anonymous donor and parent of Trinity alumni
For more information about family  giving at Trinity, contact Kerry Smith at [email protected].